The GE Lighting Institute, based in Cleveland, OH, has announced its new schedule of conferences for the first half of 2003. Highlights are listed below. For complete information, go to and click on “Lighting Institute.”

February 12-13, Healthcare Lighting: This conference focuses on how to achieve correct light levels and light quality while minimizing electrical and maintenance costs. Topics include: disposal regulations, outdoor security lighting, and special lighting applications in hospitals and nursing homes.

February 19-21, Distributor Sales Representatives, Lighting Basics: This program reviews lamp types, lighting systems, and their applications in commercial, industrial, retail, and outdoor lighting. Participants will learn to recognize opportunities and provide sound advice to customers and clients on all aspects of lighting including energy savings, lamp retrofits, and lighting upgrades.

February 27-28, Lighting Retrofit: Through lecture and hands-on workshops, this seminar will focus on the evaluation of simple lamp retrofits, lamp and ballast substitutions, luminaire retrofit kits, and energy-saving system add-on devices.

March 10-12, Architects and Interior Designers: Topics include creating an environment for the aging; lighting, daylighting, and productivity; light sources and dye fading; guidelines for sustainable lighting designs; stage and studio lighting techniques; and “architainment.” Offers 1.6 CEU credits.

March 31-April 4, June 16-20, Fundamentals of Commercial and Industrial Lighting: Designed for newcomers to the lighting industry, this conference provides basic product and application training for commercial and industrial lighting. The program contains lectures, interactive workshops, and full-scale lighting demonstrations. Topics include: lighting terminology, lighting measurements and color, overview of light source families and systems, applications for retail, office, industrial, and outdoor lighting. Offers 2.8 CEU credits.

April 9-10, Hospitality Lighting: Through product and application lectures and workshops, this conference discusses lighting trends and design strategies, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions to guest rooms, lobbies, corridors, meeting rooms, and other interior public spaces as well as outdoor area lighting. Offers 1.2 CEU credits.

May 14-16, Distributor Sales Representatives, Advanced: This conference is for the experienced distributor sales representative who possesses a fundamental understanding of lamps and lighting. Topics include: latest advances in lamps and lighting systems, cost-of-light analysis, and presentation and communication tools designed to improve sales performance.

June 25-27, Lighting Educators: Full-time instructors at the college and university level who teach within the architecture, engineering, or interior design programs should take advantage of this informative conference which covers the latest developments in light sources, lighting equipment, applications, and lighting research. Offers 1.5 CEU credits.

Fees include continental breakfast, lunch, and breaks each day, plus refreshments and dinner one evening. Special negotiated hotel rates and online registration are available. For additional information on GE Lighting Institute conferences, call 800-255-1200.