The LDI issue of LD stresses the "I" this year. Almost without exception, all our regular correspondents have something in this issue (Steve Moles, please ring me from the UK; actually, Steve pitched in with our PLASA coverage, which you'll find posted on this month, so he's here in spirit, too). Now's a good time to say something about these exceptional individuals, without whom there would be a few less dimensions in Lighting Dimensions.

I always get a kick out of Andy Ciddor's e-mails, all the way from Tasmania; a fine writer with a good sense of humor, and the only one of our crew I've never met (as I write this, he's preparing to cover the Olympics for our January issue, a marathon feat in itself). Mike Clark is our inexhaustible Italian correspondent, thoroughly plugged into the scene there, and the man to know if you're looking for a good dinner at SIB in Rimini. Rob Halliday drops us a line from the West End while not programming shows at the far ends of the earth; check out his date with La Cava on page 27. And high praise this month for Jacqueline Molloy, who last year moved from Oz to the UK, and considers the stylistic and cultural differences between UK, Australian, and American LDs in a nicely crafted piece beginning on page 76.

Closer to home - a few blocks away, actually - Vilma Barr often stops by with irresistible photos from cutting-edge architectural projects in retail and, this month, cyber-office design; she knows business lighting like nobody's business. If you don't know LD Arnold Serame from logging onto his popular Lightnetwork website, read him on the Coemar CF7 HE on page 58. Also from the West Coast, Ted Ferreira - well, what can I say about Ted? Knowing him is an "illuminating" experience.

Masthead watchers will note that longtime contributor Sharon Stancavage made the big board last month, and is most prominently covering concerts for us. Sharon, a Detroit area-based techie, really knows her stuff, and will go to just about anything that's out there. Meet her at LDI this year. Sharon's invaluable contribution is supplemented starting this month by a regular concert photo essay contributed by Steve Jennings, who kicks things off with a look at the current tour by a personal favorite, the Dave Matthews Band.

LD is looking for additional freelance contributors in Latin America and Asia, and a new full-time technical editor in Manhattan, too, for us and Entertainment Design magazine - no, Bill Maiman isn't going anywhere (we wouldn't let him), but his immersion in LDI and our other programs leaves less time for the writing side of the job. E-mail me at and join our ranks of illuminators as the industry convenes in Vegas.