The world at large may be talking about the millennium, but the world of entertainment technology is all abuzz about LDI99, being held November 19-21 in Orlando. Based on information provided by a sampling of manufacturers exhibiting at LDI, the following is a brief summary of what to expect from the over 300 exhibitors on the show floor (for information on one subset of the lighting community, see "The latest in lasers," page 78).

Abrisa Glass & Coatings will showcase new dichroics from its inventory of over 160 colors. The Advanced Devices CL series Cam-type connector design uses a universal strain relief for all wire gauges, is built with copper contacts, and assembles easily with hand tools. Eurotruss, based on an easy-to-install spigot design, will be displayed at the Aerial Rigging and Leasing booth. Airstar, in collaboration with Hardware Xenon, has developed the Internal Projection sphere, a large (9-15') air-filled balloon that projects up to 200 images on the outside surface from either the 5kW or 7kW xenon projector, with excellent quality. Working in TV studios should be cooler when the lighting is provided by the Altman CDM-TV, a 150W studio luminaire. The Altman Architectural Products line includes ellipsoidals, fresnels, PARs, and special-effects luminaires, all utilizing highly efficient and long-life metal-halide lamps.

The Activity Sprung Panel System from American Harlequin consists of fully pre-manufactured panels joined together by a pivot joint, with shock-dampening Dual-Durometer suspension blocks at regular centers on the underside. Anvil Cases will introduce a family of carpet-covered cases ideal for truck shipments. Lighting designers will find many uses for the Apollo Design Technology family of Colourscenic and Super Resolution glass gobos that have 10,000dpi and allow for the full resolution of color or black-and-white images to be reproduced as a glass gobo. Applied Electronics will introduce the Custom Circle Truss, the Prewired Double Flame for the ETC Source Four, the Celco Ventura Twin, and the MCT Motor Controller. The Windows 95/98- and NT-compatible Arabesque Rental and Production Manager software provides order tracking and inventory for rentals, sales, and in-house production services.

Arri USA will be screening new tungsten and HMI kits, plus the Ruby 7, the Pocket PAR flex light optic system, and the Pocket PAR Lite Pipe. Artistic Licence is bringing from the UK its Color Fill theatrical luminaires, which use LEDs to produce 4.3 billion colors via DMX control. Automatic Devices' FD02 Triple E Friction Drive is a motorized master carrier capable of pulling approximately 150lb of attached curtains, doors, or scenery on straight or curved tracks and can be operated in wireless mode or direct-wired.

Avab will show the Pronto!/Pronto Plus intuitive, easily operated lighting consoles featuring 1,024 outputs, multipurpose faders, sophisticated moving-light control, direct operating mode, multifunction mode, and multifunction wheels, available in 40- and 80-fader versions. Expanding on the features of the Azure 2000 console, Avolites' Azure 2000 Shadow offers powerful and useful live playback buttons manufactured by Schadow that build on this console's usefulness for clubs and timecode control environments.

Barbizon will announce its newest location, Barbizon On-Line. More than 10,000 products will be featured at Dusting of precision glass such as dichroics, first-surface mirrors, and lenses will be easier and faster with Bishop & Bishop Magic Cleaning Cloths, made from scratchless microfibers and more effective than frequently used standard cotton cloths and wipes. Bulbman will be getting some ink with its LED-illuminated Super Bright pens. Calzone Cases' Series 50 models have a special laminated polycore construction that lowers weight and shipping costs. Can You Imagine marks the passage of time with its Virtual Clock!, a multicolored LED timepiece with 30 different remote-controllable clocks. Chauvet's new products include the Dancer, Navigator, Dancing Flowers, and, for truly smart lighting, Mensa. The CMC Silver Bullet line of fixtures from Cinemills has a new member, a 12/10k unit.

The CITC Ring Rocket creates rings of smoke, adding a new dimension to fog machines. The company has added DMX control to its line of Hi-Lo DigiFogger haze machines, and the Little Blizzard SP snow machine has been modified to be quieter, smaller, and less expensive.

The introduction of the City Theatrical AutoYoke combines popular ellipsoidal lighting instruments and a DMX-controlled moving yoke to create a fully featured automated luminaire. Currently, the AutoYoke is available for ETC or Strand ellipsoidals. Communication will be easier with Clear-Com's two-channel KB-211 and KB-211GM speaker stations with voice-activated circuitry and a gooseneck mic jack. The MR-202 two-channel and the MR-204 four-channel wall-/console-mount headset stations offer additional flexibility backstage. Invincible Cables from Coast Wire & Plastic Tech are jacketed with a tough polyurethane coating. LED equipment maker Color Kinetics comes to LDI99 with the iColorCove, a digital color-changing cove light. Also, the iColor MR, housed in an MR-type enclosure, is a direct replacement for conventional MR-16s.

Compulite will introduce Sparktop, a new version of the popular Spark 4D control console. Sparktop contains all standard Spark 4D features, including 1,536 DMX channels, crossfader, 20 controllers, effects, hard disk drive, Ethernet, SMPTE, and MIDI. It also includes a 10.4" color LCD screen and a rugged cover and carrying handle, eliminating the need for a separate monitor and making the Sparktop a compact, self-contained console. It fits in an airplane overhead compartment and can be set up and ready to go in seconds.

Cooper Lighting, comprised of many different individual fixture manufacturers, will premiere the Portofolio Induction Lamp Luminaire, available in 55W and 85W with a rated lamp life of 100,000 hours, and Optiance by SuperVision fiber optics. Modular and rack-mountable in design, the Creative Stage Lighting line of Flexible Power Distribution Systems allows for easily configured design and setup and offers a choice of Cam-type, straight blade (Edison), twist-lock, multipin, and stage-pin type connectors. The Crescit Software Light Shop 5.0 user interface provides detailed lighting instrument spec sheet printouts and a 3D preview utilizing VRML technology for Internet-ready presentations. Crystalite has developed flexible LED linear lighting in round 1/2", thin 3/8", flat 3/4" or 3/8", and 3/8"-square diameters.

The Plug & Play digital dimmer will be lighting up the booth at DMT. Daktronics is using LED technology for its Prostar Videoplus, an RGB outdoor display system. Dazian is now offering Trapeze, a 120"-wide, fire-retardant, two-way stretch fabric similar to diffusion material that can be used directly in front of lighting instruments. Design & Drafting has added a wire and cable feature to its widely used LD Assistant. Diehl Graphsoft will show new versions of its VectorWorks lighting design software. The Diversitronics 1,800W DMX strobe with Hyperflash is capable of delivering 10kW peak performance in the lightning mode.

From Doug Fleenor Design, the DMX Rotor-Router is an electronic patch-bay for DMX512 signals, consisting of an input module with 10 inputs, and up to 20 output modules with 10 outputs each, to provide patches of any input to any output using front-panel switches. Dove Lighting Systems' Dimmermaster dimmer pack, including 24 1.2kW units, comes in a standard EIA 19" rack frame. EG&G Optoelectronics' 575W, 700W, and 1,200W Tru-Arc single-ended metal-halide lamps use tungsten dowel rods seated in a ceramic base for more support and durability.

Lighting designers' imaginations will last longer with Electronic Theatre Controls' Source Four HID ellipsoidal spotlight providing the same performance features of a 2,000-hour 575W Source Four, with the added durability of a 9,000-hour lamp for extended life. This 150W ellipsoidal spotlight delivers crisp pattern projection and a bright, even field. The ETCNet2 DMX Node allows ETC Source Four Parnelfor the operation of four universes of DMX and remote focus and ETCLink through one ethernet cable. Also making its debut--and considered so revolutionary it's being patented--is the ETC Source Four Parnel, which combines the unique qualities of a PAR and a fresnel, based on the lighting characteristics of the Source Four.

Touring companies and their dimming needs are addressed by Entertainment Lighting Controls' Road Warrior 8000, with control for two scenes for eight channels up to 1,000W each. Spain-based Equipson will feature a line of digital DMX-controlled dimmers; DTS, in association with the Spanish firm, will showcase its Bravoscan 3 automated luminaire. The Eurotroniks Architectural Searchlight ASL 1852 has features including 360-degree pan and tilt. Created for event setup in hotel and multipurpose spaces, the Future Light AirWall Hanger Kit is designed to facilitate a safe method of attachment of speakers, lighting, truss, and slide/video projectors to the track supporting the portable walls.

GAM Products plans to unveil a cornucopia of goods. The GAM Torch is a self-extinguishing torch that produces 16" of real flame from solid pellets. The automatic safety release latch will instantly snuff out the flame when the handheld grip is released. The GAM Superchase is a 12-channel chase controller. GAM Box is a unique balanced light source, and 24 new designs in three sizes will be added to the already extensive collection of Great American Patterns. DJ club lighting will light up the GEM Sound booth, with its new Mega Pulse strobe light and the Morning Glory and Double Clutch DJ effects packages.

Gala has modified its Spiralift column to include a 41/2" version for smaller stage lift applications. Gecko Products is adding to its lamp, lamp socket, paint, and fog fluid lines. The different divisions of Gemini Sound Products--Lytequest Pro, Ness, and Showpro Lighting--will all feature new products at LDI99, including Motorhead152, which has 360-degree pan and 274-degree tilt with complete DMX512 control. DMX-controlled foggers will be on exhibit, too. The Goddard Design Lil'DMXter is an updated version of the company's MiniDMXter, and incorporates a design feature that facilitates direct "plug-in" into A/C power receptacles, without the need for a wall transformer, and includes a rechargeable battery, while maintaining CE marking. New modules expand and enhance the Goddard Design DMX-NET distribution system. Light 'Em Ups are battery-operated stage marking lights.

Another approach to DMX troubleshooting is Gray Interfaces' DMXPC, a new way to connect and monitor DMX with a computer. The DMXDart, also from Gray Interfaces, is a handheld remote control interface with a preprogrammed library of commonly used luminaires for the testing and setup of moving lights. Italy-based Griven debuts the Kaleido MSD 575W, a CYM-type color changer that is an exterior-suitable, compactly styled luminaire with a weatherproof body, and DMX control or automatic function operation.

Group One, the US distributor for Clay Paky, Elektralite, and Pulsar, will show a variety of new products at their booth, including the Elektralite Turbo Fog and Turbo Fog Plus machines. At 1kW and 1.5kW, respectively, features include ETL certification, remote control, Mega-Blast instantaneous high-volume fog output, variable output, DMX and analog 0-10V control, and an electronic thermal sensor. The Pulsar Masterpiece 216 lighting console features 216 PMX (Pulsar multiplex) dimmable output channels, 12 DMX-capable and dimmable slots for patching, 216 scenes, and 54 scenic chasers.

New from High End Systems is the Studio Spot(TM) CYM color-mixing instrument for beam effects and Lithopattern(R) projection, plus the Color Pro(R) HX color-changing fixture that incorporates hard-edged to soft wash effects. DMX/Flex, designed by Interactive Technologies, is a family of DMX interface modules combined in various configurations to produce customized DMX distribution equipment. The Interesting Products Dry Fogger has been improved through the use of re-engineered level and liquid nitrogen flow controls, and the addition of more precise fog volume controls and level sensors is designed to provide improved reliability.

No license is required to drive the JLG 20VP self-propelled vertical lift at its fully extended platform height of nearly 20'. JLG will also showcase other self-propelled and push-around personnel units at the show. Jeamar Winches will show a special line of 13 heavy-duty industrial hand winches, all with automatic braking systems, and manufactured to worldwide standards. Older installed dimming system retrofits are viable options with products from Johnson Systems. The JSI CD-2000 is a fully featured DMX retrofit for any vintage-style Strand CD80 rack. The JSI Envy is a direct DMX replacement for older Environ architectural dimming racks.

Kino Flo will show an 1,800W portable inverter for power needs away from utility or generator-supplied power. Kupo's luminaire stands will include kit types and roller stands. Lehigh Electric Products has upgraded its Millennium lighting console by adding a moving-lights module option that will include a fixture library, 16-bit and LTP channels, and 512 moving-light channels with provisions for the control of preset palettes and other important show information. More choice is also the theme at Lee Filters, as 70 new patterns and 22 vibrant new colors will be introduced at LDI99. The new swatchbook includes these additions.

The Le Maitre Bubble Master 2000 high-output bubble machine will have new features, including DMX control, timer remote, and show control for bubble size and output volume. Fluid management options are available as well. LE Nelson Sales will show the addition of the HX 604/GLC and the HX605/GLA to the Thorn HX family. Both lamps are special compact filament versions, designed for optimum light output in the newly developed Altman and Strand ellipsoidals.

Leviton will be expanding its wide variety of single-pin, Cam-type connector receptacles by adding a panel-mount GFCI. Lex Products will showcase rubber distribution boxes. It will be easier to select and find the best Littlite gooseneck lamp and accessory, as new brochures and clear box packaging will be unveiled. All models are now offered in lengths of 6", 12", or 18", with high- or low-intensity bulbs available. Lighting Services will introduce the BP75 Series Image Projector, a family of blacklight fixtures. Lightronics offerings will include the MP-512 soft-patchable multifunction converter, which can convert up to 96 channels of 0-10VDC to DMX512, AMX192, or LMX128, and the AR-1202 architectural dimmer with a fluorescent dimmer module and an IR remote receiver. Back to basics is the motto at Lite Puter, with the Alfa-1 DMX controller, the Beta-1 switch center, and the Beta-2 dimmer units comprising a system specially designed for the North American market. Features include 250 programmable scenes, 32 sequences, and six schedule programs of lighting control, for multipurpose spaces, retail, and hospitality applications. Livewire's special ultra-flexible electroluminescent lighting cables are now available in a heavy-duty 3.2mm size for extended outdoor usage. The Livewire Pro-double doubles the brightness (and life) of regular Livewire cable and is suitable for use with 220V systems.

Lowel-Light's MultiNeon Division developed the PCDesigner for allowing the remote creation and demonstration of ColorCreator programs without the use of neon hardware. The MultiNeon ColorCreator allows creation of a rainbow of colors with one fixed set of standard neon tubes. DMX protocol allows for dimming and chase sequence timing of colors. LTM has gone HMI; see the Cinespace HMI light, the 18W Daycam HMI luminaire, and a 125/200WDC electronic ballast at the show. Luna Tech will display a completely solid-state Pyropak II patchable control system, both 24-shot and nine-shot slaves. Also available at LDI will be the Encrypted Infrared Wireless Control System Pyropak IV. Matthews Studio Group, which includes ESS, Four Star Lighting, and Olesen, will be touting, its online tool to facilitate production coordination and planning in North America.

The popular Martin Professional MAC automated luminaire family will debut the Minimac Profile and the Minimac washlight. Other innovative products include the first in the MX series of scanners and the CX series of color changers as well as the new Exterior 600 Compact. Jem Smoke Machines and Mach Speakers Systems will debut new models at LDI as well.

New and improved effects machines from MDG include the MM series Micro Max and Mega Max, both glycol-based fog generators that can produce from 1,250 cu. ft. to 3,500 cu. ft. of fog per minute. The Ice Fog Generator and Ice Fog Touring both produce a very dry and dense low-lying fog using special MDG processes. Minolta will introduce its T-10 series of illuminance meters, which connect to a PC via an RS-232C interface. Miraclebeam will demonstrate electroluminescent signage.

Motion Laboratories continues to add truss- and rigging-based products. The Digital Signal Remote Hoist Control Stations can be configured for wireless operation or hard-wired based on four-pin XLR connectors. The Cellmate Digital Load Monitoring System has been redesigned for easier use.

National Specialty Lighting will offer the Marquee Light, suitable for exterior applications, a field-cuttable, easily installed light string using E-27 bulbs, wired in parallel using 14G wiring components and operating on 110V electrical systems. The company's xenon Cabinet Light features one, two, or three 18W xenon bulbs housed in separate 1.5"-tall high-gloss white fixtures, also operating on 110V systems. HireTrack Eclipse Systems, distributed by Navigator Systems, a full 32-bit application for busy rental companies, offers new features specifically for international companies, including multiple currencies and price structures, an improved word processor, and scheduled invoicing.

Connector models to be offered by Neutrik include the Super Z+, a series of XLR solderless connectors with gold contacts, a new strain relief, and three-part assembly. The Minirator is a handheld audio signal generator. Neutrik also will demonstrate its line of BNC connectors, Push/Pull version. Add fiber to your diet with Niten Day Industries products like the Dawn 100 illuminator with a 100W lamp and the Super NiteLyte narrow beam angle fiber-optic fixture.

The Obie Company, distributor of Coemar products in North America, plans to debut the Coemar Panorama outdoor architectural luminaire, which uses an 1,800W, 4,000-hour lamp, has CMY mixing, and is capable of various beam angles and providing noteworthy color effects. Also engineered for exterior applications is the TM4000 Outdoor, a weatherproof head that does not require a protective enclosure or dome. The CF1200 Outdoor is a complete fixture assembly that is weatherproof and also does not use any enclosure or covering. Optic Tech International will have a range of fiber-optic products on display, for architectural and underwater use. Osram Sylvania lamps to be introduced at LDI will include the StudioLine 55W/3200 and 55W/5600 Special Fluorescent Lamps that allow easy blending with halogen (55W/3200K) and metal-halide (55W/5600K), respectively. The HMI 6000 W/SE metal-halide lamp is a high-wattage single-ended lamp designed for film and TV lighting with a long life (500 hours) and high efficacy (more than 90 lumens per watt).

PC Lights will show the Turbo, an all-weather automated washlight for outdoor concert and theatrical use. This weatherproof luminaire utilizes the MSR 700/s lamp, and is convection-cooled via 36 fins, which preclude the need for fans. PEC Lamp is planning to light up the floor with Super High Pressure (SHP) and New Tip Placement (NTP) lamps. Underwater lighting will be more colorful with PEM Fountain lighting fixtures, available with a choice of dichroic color lenses or clear. Also available will be a 250W underwater strobe, operating on 120V systems with clear or color dichroic lenses available. The Performer from Penn Industries is a canopied shelter and exhibition system. Performance Electric will show its PLR series aluminum connector strips, particularly suited for venues using moving lights.

Production Intercom offers LDI attendees more options on intercom system components with the introduction of the PS-2, a power supply capable of operating on any voltage between 100 and 240VDC at 50 or 60Hz, with a toroidal transformer for no EMF emissions. Protech Theatrical Services has teamed up with France-based Serapid on the Linklift, a rigging system with a specially engineered chain and sprocket system. DMX and automation will be combined as part of the Dragon, developed by Pyrotek to create a robotic flamethrower capable of generating a fireball or a column of flame (5-50') in any direction. The Dragon, via DMX512, also is capable of rotating on an X/Y axis to create sweeping flame effects. Pyrotek's Cryo Jets offer the above effects, using forced liquid CO2 for a white effect.

R&S Solutions has added features to Stardraw Professional, a computer lighting design program, including real-time rendering using 3D technology. The company's Stardraw Data Library for Video will provide a symbols library of pro video equipment for simple drag-and-drop design of video systems. Reel EFX will release its upgraded Fan II with a 1hp motor and a custom blade configuration. In addition, the Skydancer Fan will be upgraded with a 1hp motor. Remote Source Lighting International will demonstrate the new Zero Clearance Light Pump, an illuminator with a 3200K, 75W halogen lamp that is also equipped with fans on both the air intake and exhaust, allowing for usage inside enclosures and display cases.

Rosco will show a host of products including Fusion F-X and Softplot software for gobo combinations and light plot generation, plus full color Photogobos and the Coldflow for chilling fog fluid and low-lying fog effects generation. The Rose Brand booth will be very fashionable as 20 new spandex colors and hologram prints will be on display.

Selecon of New Zealand plans to debut the Super Wide, which provides a beam of 90 degrees with all of the features previously associated with the Pacific line of cool beam ellipsoidals. The beam is wider than a fresnel and can be shaped with four shutters or patterns for a textured effect. The Auriol MR-16 Profile offers precise beam shaping and pattern projection across the complete beam-angle zoom range of 25-50 degrees.

A special Lighted Dance Floor will be displayed at the Sico booth. Power is on the agenda at SMS Entertainment Connectors; its new line of single-pin Cam-style connectors is being manufactured with newly developed materials. Solutions by Computer will release Open Access for Queries. This optional package provides users with complete and unrestricted access for reading system data; results may be viewed onscreen or placed inside spreadsheets or databases, or used for reports.

Stageline Mobile Stage will debut additional models of its Stageline mobile stages, including the SL 100 model with smart mobile options and a 24'-long (7.3m) sound wing with an inflatable cover. Strand Lighting will demonstrate its SL series, afamily of compact ellipsoidals featuring rotating bodies and heightened optical performance. Strattman Design is offering Custom Luminglas and Crackle Tube Technology units, based on refinements in electronics and gas mixture used in plasma displays. The Supertech Motormover PS-400 motor control system is designed for Columbus McKinnon Shopstar (Prostar) motors. Switchcraft introductions include AAA Series QG Twist XLR and HPC series power connectors. Systems Wireless will demonstrate the System 800 UHF wireless intercom, which features two-channel capability, wireless ISO, and stage announce, with a range of 2,000' (610m).

TEI Electronics has developed the Duofoam, a foam/snow cannon that can shoot to distances of up to 25' (8m). Tempest Lighting complements its Hurricane lighting enclosure with its Tornado, for moving-yoke automated lights. Theatre Effects has developed the Automator controller, whose four straight blade/Edison-equipped receptacles are timer-controlled (1-10 seconds) in sequence (from one to four) and are triggered by a manual go button or external receptacle. New from Times Square Lighting is its MC70E 70W PAR-38 fixture with the Philips MasterColor metal-halide lamp; a PAR-30 version will also be available.

TIR Systems will show its Color Changing Luminaire, with LEDs for RGB performance. Tomcat USA will be featuring the Tomcat CT family of trussing, which is compatible with plated or spigoted truss and offers greater flexibility in event setup. Arena Deck Modular Staging will make its debut at the Total Structures booth. It is built of lightweight components and features a no-tools-required, fast and easy assembly process, and is rated for a 150lb/sq. ft. load capacity. Tracoman is distributing the DJ Truss Light System, which includes two crank-up stands and was developed by Mobil Tech.

UV/FX Scenic Productions will be showcasing its Lightweight Touring Scenic System. Union Connector is exhibiting a line of aluminum grip carts for location applications. There are different units for cables, crates, C-stands, and heads. Its UC600 is an emergency transfer system for one-, two-, or three-circuit applications, and is UL 1008-listed. Ushio will be introducing its Whitestar MR-16, with a spectral light distribution identical to daylight over the visible spectrum between 480nm and 630nm. Wenger Corp. will feature its Encore Showmobile, a mobile performance center that looks and rides like any conventional cargo trailer. Once at the event site, one operator, via remote control, can deploy the canopy and stage in a few minutes.

White Light's Enliten Architectural Lighting Products division will debut specially modified ETC Source Four ellipsoidals, the Source Four HIDs. Enliten will offer the entire Source Four line with HID lamps. Wiko task light fixtures have a swivel light that provides 360-degree circular motion and the Solux MR-16 "equivalent to daylight" bulb. The Wing Little Giant Ladder System, which meets OSHA standards, is a telescoping, multipurpose ladder available in four basic sizes.

Wybron's CXI Color Fusion uses two color scrolls to create virtually every color of the spectrum; CXI Mariner handles water-resistant color changing. The Xenotech-Strong International Ballast in Head xenon light source has an integral power supply, is available in a wide range of wattages, and incorporates the use of lightweight components, making it suitable for portable applications.

Gear will also be showcased at the New Product Breakfasts, held every morning at 8:00am in Room 110, near Exhibit Hall A, at the Orlando Convention Center. These breakfasts are free to all LDI attendees and feature the latest in lighting (November 19), sound (November 20), and lasers/special effects (November 21).

Advances in laser technology and computer software offer designers and laserists the opportunity for fast and intuitive programming with dazzling images. With the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) holding its annual conference in Orlando at LDI time, this is a good opportunity to hit the show floor in search of the newest products in that arena.

For unique shows, AVI-Imagineering with Lasers has engineered Omniscan. This laser system projects a single image from one scanner pair to cover a 360x180-degree area, allowing for coverage of ceilings, walls, and floor (where permitted by regulators). Laser Fantasy International has packaged lasers, music, and special effects to create a Millennium Production that began touring the country in June.

Though a stingray requires water to thrive, the StingRay II solid-state laser from LaserMedia does not need water at all. It accepts 120 or 220VAC and has DMX control. Enhanced DSP Lasershow software from Laser Animation of Germany (distributed by LaserMedia) features powerful graphics capability for laser productions projected with PCAOM technology.

The Laservision Macro-Media is a sinoidal series show integration system that simplifies laser presentations by reducing the amount of equipment needed. Mobolazer, meanwhile, is introducing the multicolor 45mW RG-Beam laser projector, which uses a 10mW green laser and a 30mW red laser, generates hundreds of color combinations for each beam, and only uses two DMX addresses.

In laser news, the specialty production companies Advanced Entertainment Technologies (AET), Laser Force, Lowell Products Development, and Strictly FX have formed an association, Performance Entertainment Group (PEG). AET will show the Virtual Reality Laser Presentation, using real-time Interactive Laser Characters. Strictly FX's three new graphics modules will also be debuting at LDI, and PEG will also be displaying Lowell's Laser Automated Luminaires.

The Transverse Industries booth will also be spotlighting lasers. Products will include a laser watch, a laser lighter, a high-power green module, and a variety of pointers and levelers. Something for everyone from the laser community this year.

LDI attendees can see the latest at the ILDA-sponsored Laser Design Portfolio at LDI on Saturday, November 20, 1999, 1:30-5:30pm, in Room 110A. ILDA members in addition to LDI exhibitors will be showing the brightest and most intensive displays at this "don't miss" event.