The RADlite, from UK company IRAD, is a new media server that is a fully configurable, DMX-controlled image and video manipulation system. RADlite allows the creation and playback of images and video with added effects, shapes, color palettes, and movement — controlled in real time by a regular DMX lighting console. RADlite's output can be shown on any video screen or linked to a video projector for use in any venue, large or small.

Mountain View Staging of Salt Lake City has purchased the first RADlite in the US. The system, supplied by US RADlite distributor TMB, debuted on April 11 at a dance performance in the 22,000-seat Marriott Center in Provo, UT. Mountain View designers programmed RADlite to manipulate images and video on a backdrop 55' wide by 30' high. Lighting designer Benjamin Sanders selected a variety of stock images and video plus client photos, RADlite onboard graphics, and custom-created images. Show lighting and RADlite programming was by Mark Ohran.