The Capio solid-state dimmer rack from Rosco/Entertainment Technology features Insulated Gate BiPolar Transistor (IGBT) dimming technology in an industry-standard rack configuration at a competitive price. The Capio is available in a standard 48-slot rack that accommodates up to ninety-six 20A dimmers (in dual dimmer modules) or forty-eight 50A dimmers (in single dimmer modules), or a mix of the two. Models include: High Performance Dual 20A Dimmer, High Performance Single 50A dimmer, Value Dual 20A Dimmer, Single 20A Fluorescent Dimmer, Dual 20A Non-Dim Module, and Dual 20A Constant Module. The Capio rack series can be used as a standalone solution, or incorporated with existing Rosco/ET IPS dimmer strips. Other innovations include internal separation of power and control wiring, and an accessory area allowing customization without additional cabinets.