I'm not sure if I'm an early adopter of new technology and trends or not. I am fickle, at best. If I find something new I really like, then I am happy to move out the old and greet the new. Or I might just stick with something for a while, as long as it works. Like I said, fickle. Sometimes I am, and sometimes I am not an early adopter. I was decidedly not with one insufferable institution: Facebook.

Unfortunately, that didn't last very long. What is it about that site that makes us look up high school prom dates and grade school bullies we haven't seen (or cared about) in 20 years? Morbid curiosity? You want that cheerleader to be fat and that football star to be unemployed, don't you?

I will admit that it's totally addictive for reconnecting and networking both socially and for business. Networking is a good thing, yes, but is there any particular reason I need to know that, right at this very moment, you are consuming your daily recommended allowance of bran for breakfast? For those of you who subscribe to the Facebook community, you know I am not kidding. And for those of you who update what “you're doing” every ten minutes, I'm wondering why you're not actually doing something instead of updating your status. Don't you have work to do? Or maybe actual (not virtual) friends to see, you know, in real life?

But as usual, I am on a rant instead of providing any useful information. Well, we at Live Design are early enough adopters that we've been gaining quite a fan base on our Facebook page:
www.facebook.com/pages/Live-Design-Magazine/10510043146 or just search pages for “Live Design” while you're logged in.

Check us out, and join our community. We promise not to tell you what we're having for breakfast.