Telex Communications, Inc. recently announced that all corporate functions within Buchanan, MI-based EVI Audio will be relocated to Telex Communications headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, next year. Telex is planning a move to larger offices to provide for adequate and appropriate space for the speakers and microphones group, electronics group, and multimedia/audio communications of the Telex/EVI Audio corporate umbrella. This will impact approximately 100 positions.

"Telex/EVI Audio's variety of audio products represent many of the most recognized and respected brand names in the business," explains Ned C. Jackson, president and chief executive officer of Telex Communications, Inc. "In order to reach the company's short- and long-term goals, we have decided it would be in Telex/EVI Audio's best interest to allow for management's greater control of the three arms of the corporate umbrella by having them located within the same building."

Says John Palleschi, president of the speakers and microphone group, "This move will allow for improved communications between customers and Telex/EVI's three divisions. This will help due to customer crossover between product lines and will streamline communications for all involved, as well as allowing all divisions to better focus on customers and products. It will also allow for greater efficiencies of similar corporate functions and products."