The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) has announced that the draft American National Standard BSR E1.7, Entertainment Technology - Recommended Practice for the Design and Use of Manual Systems for Flying Performers, is available for a third public review. The draft describes recommended practices for lifting and transporting performers to create the illusion of flying or levitation in theatrical performances. These recommended practices cover single- and multi-wire flying systems that use direct human power, mechanical advantage, counterweights, etc, to lift or transport performers. All persons and organizations that have an interest in the standard are invited to review it and to offer comments.

Also, BSR E1.3, Entertainment Technology - Lighting Control Systems: 0-10V Analog Control Specification, has been made available for public review several times before, but is being resubmitted to public review because substantive changes were made to the text as a result of each review. The Control Protocols Working Group has resolved issues that were recently raised. These include the specifying of how many analog receivers (e.g. dimmers) can be driven from one control channel, and what happens to the signal in the control cable when the controller is powered from a low-voltage supply at the receiver end as opposed to being powered from its own supply.

The Recommended Practice for Flying Performers standard is a project of the Rigging Working Group, and the Analog Lighting Control standard is a project of the Control Protocols Working Group; both are part of the ANSI-accredited standards committee E1, Safety and Compatibility of Entertainment Technical Equipment and Practices. ESTA is the secretariat for Accredited Standards Committee E1, and provides administrative support to the committee. Membership in working groups is open to all who are affected by standards-making in these areas, and who are willing to actively participate in the group's projects.

Public review and comment is being sought so that the draft standards may reflect the consensus of informed opinion in the industry. The public review period for both documents ends September 12, 2000.

In addition, BSR E1.6, Entertainment Technology - Powered Rigging Systems is available for public review until October 10, 2000. The draft BSR E1.6 standard establishes safety requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, and use of motorized rigging systems in theatres, theme parks, studios, and other places of public assembly and performance. This document does not address manually powered systems or lifting equipment used in the construction of these spaces. The E1.6 project is an undertaking of the Rigging Working Group.

Copies of these documents may be obtained from the ESTA website at or by contacting Karl Ruling, Technical Standards Manager at ESTA, 875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2302, New York, NY 10001, fax: 212/244-1502, e-mail: