Lighting Analysts have eleased the AG132 lighting design and rendering software that provides photometrically correct color renderings for lighting designers and specifiers. Based on the advanced graphical interface - 32-bit, this program combines fast photometric calculation speeds and the rendering capabilities in one software program. In addition to speed, most done in seconds or minutes, a comprehensive library of lighting products from many leading lighting manufacturers is included. Pictures and photometric data can be displayed for every product, and users can locate and edit those luminaires, both graphically and tabularly with ease. Also helpful is a library of building shapes, such as domes, vaults, curved surfaces, and others for easy inclusion, thereby saving time composing a 3D model in a CAD program. Complete support for the import/export of CAD-compatible DXF files is included. The program aids in the conceptualization and design of lighting for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. LIGHTING ANALYSTS Littleton, CO