The newly remodeled 62,000 sq. ft. Argosy Casino in Kansas City, MO, features a hexagonal dome that comes to life with vibrant color and movement, thanks to Gallegos Lighting Design's use of Color Kinetics' intelligent LED illumination technology. The dome, which resembles an inverted basketweave pattern, provided a challenge, with its angular “wedges” and limited space for fixtures. The Gallegos team sought to animate the dome with color-changing light, and Color Kinetics' iColor® Cove systems proved the optimal solution for generating saturated color and programmable effects within the shallow wedges that comprise the dome structure.

Approximately 440 12" lengths of iColor Cove were installed in increments of nine per wedge, forming nearly 150 unique addresses. Collectively, the systems create a digital palette that morphs through 50 minutes of artistically conceived effects — including rich colors that gradually snake across the dome, radiate outward, and chase in spiral patterns.

Elsewhere in the casino, which features a Mediterranean-inspired interior design by Designplan Inc., an eye-catching path lined with color-changing stars leads to the High Limit room. The cast acrylic stars designed by Las Vegas-based e.gads! are each illuminated from within by three lengths of iColor Cove, allowing them to bounce colors from one to the next and perform various dynamic effects in a 20-minute cycle. All of the lighting effects were programmed and controlled by a DMX system.

See Color Kinetics at ETS-LDI2004 at booth #3227.