Club Nero, the nightclub at Caesar’s Lake Tahoe, keeps its patrons buzzing 365 nights a year. Techno and house music, go-go dancers, and a laser light show exploding with color have made this Lake Tahoe's premier club, so when Adam Camp of Neu Visions Design was looking for some LED accent lighting, his first stop was LDI 2002. One item on Camp’s list was a cost-effective, simple lamp replacement with color LED sources that didn’t need a separate controller, power supply, or transformer. The only lamp he saw with all the requirements was the new CHIP series lamp, launched at LDI by OptiLED.

Neu Visions Design has now installed OptiLED CHIP lamps in downlighting bars, to uplight glass tables, and edge-light acrylic. "A great attribute is variable voltage," says Camp, "but probably the best feature of this simple unit is the variable lens configuration, which allows me to change the beam properties to so many different angles. This really expands the applications this CHIP unit can be used for."

Thanks to the variable voltage characteristics of the CHIP lamps and the selection of standard fittings, Camp was able to use the existing 120V wiring and sockets, eliminating much of the labor and parts costs usually associated with retrofits. Maintenance of the lamps is also low, due to the CHIP lamp's 100,000-hour life.

CHIP lamps from OptiLED offer festoon, standard spot, or MR-16 spot lamps, a choice of five colors--red, blue, amber, white, and green--and a selection of bases and angle diffusers. And, at just 2W per lamp, they use very little energy. Camp was pleased: "They did exactly what I hoped they would."