Major League Baseball's All-Star Game was held in Milwaukee this summer, so local firm Clearwing Productions got in the game, helping to create the baseball party of the year. Clearwing supplied lighting, sound, staging, and staff for four events, stretched over two days, which entertained baseball stars, VIPs, and baseball fans in town for the game.

On Monday, July 8, the night before the game, the annual All-Star Gala was held at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Twelve Xenotech 7kW Britelights illuminated the sky as guests arrived from Miller Park, where the Home Run Derby was held. Inside, the interior of the party, including various stages and tents, were lit with nearly 300 units, including 28 Vari*LiteĀ® automated lights and eight High End Systems Technobeams.

The mainstage was set for a performance by Natalie Cole, using Clearwing's 40'x 40' Tomcat climber roof over a 60'x 40' Versalite stage deck. Nearly 1,000' of truss was used to support projection screens, lighting, rigs, and decorative elements throughout the front plaza of the museum.

Meanwhile, downtown, near the Milwaukee River, Clearing was the staging company for both of the block parties held on Monday night. Staged by rivals Miller and Budweiser--remember, this is the beer capital of the US--the parties were held only a few blocks apart. The Spin Doctors and the Gin Blossoms were among those bands scheduled to perform until thunderstorms blew in. The rain kept Natalie Cole from performing as well, so she appeared instead at the Pre-Game Gala, held on Tuesday, from 4pm until game time. This event was also equipped by Clearwing, and showcased many of Milwaukee's ethnic dance groups. Other features included batting cages, food stations, bars, and a bingo tent. The popular band Nickelback finished the party with a high-energy set.

Speaking of the pre-game party, Gregg Brunclik, Clearwing's president, says, "Our reward was to stand before a world-class architectural marvel, knowing we'd embellished it and its environment with state-of-the-art equipment to culminate the dreams and vision of some of the most noted event planners in the business [Party Planners West, of Marina del Ray, CA], while creating the epitome of visual impact on the grandest of scale." In addition, the company helped Milwaukee have a very good time.