It's been a spring of big music events for the Italian moving light manufacturer Clay Paky. The company was the official supplier for the Sanremo Festival, in Sanremo, Italy, lighting evening performances at the Arison Theatre with a package that included 48 Stage Zoom 1200s, 60 Stage Light 300s, 80 Mini Scan HPEs, and a number of Stage Color 1000 Halogens and Super Scan Zooms, as well. The Stage 1200s were hung on circular trusses, for both general washes and special effects that painted the walls with graphics. Other Stage Zoom 1200s were used to greet the singers as they paraded down the stage's catwalk. The Stage Light 300s were used for colorful backlight effects. Mini Scan HPEs, installed in an arc on the platform, wall, along the gallery parapet, and on the back wall, created a wave effect that moved across the theatre. The halogen units, designed for television use, were placed at the sides of the stage. In addition, 430 CP Spots spelled out the words "Sanremo 2001" on the stage.

Meanwhile, the very popular Italian band Pooh kicked off a 19-city tour at the end of January to publicize its new album Cent di queste vite, with a second tour that took place in May. LD Giancarlo Toscani made use of a plot that included Clay Paky Stage Color 1200s, Stage Zoom 1200s, Super Scan Zooms, and the company's newest product, the Astroscan. According to the LD, "I installed the Super Scan Zooms on the central truss above the stage, together with the Stage Color 1200s for basic lighting. A lot of Stage Zoom 1200s were placed on the upper truss, on those perpendicular to the stage and on the floor, while the Astroscans were arranged on the stage and ceiling. The Astroscan is an innovative lighting effect, as it can produce 10 light beams using numerous effects and project them in any direction and at any speed." Speaking of his design, he adds, "I don't like mixing more than two colors onstage, to avoid losing the color's intensity. I use bright colors and generally avoid dark atmospheres. For this tour, the Clay Paky products helped me realize a lighting design exactly as I had in mind." Lighting equipment was supplied by Renato Neri of Xenon.

In other Clay Paky news, the company sponsored a seminar in Argentina with celebrated Cirque du Soleil LD Luc Lafortune. Read all about it at