Instant Sharma The new Geni Electronics Sharma(TM) is a color changer that has a full range of built-in design features, including display of up to 40 colors, gobo holders, iris, wash, dimming, and strobe capability. The Sharma has a single motor shutter (1-7fps) design, linear dimming (0-100%), and smooth single- or two-color positioning, axial fan-cooling, three position stepper motors, and is built with a die-cast aluminum case in Geni Electronics' own ISO-9002-certified factory. User-friendly features include single or two-color gobo wheel positioning, focus assistance, and four replaceable colors/gobos that provide flexibility for different needs. The Sharma is DMX512-controlled, operates on 120V or 230V, and weighs 12.3kg. Geni Electronics Co. LTD., Taipei, Taiwan

A cut above The new UpRight SL20 Scissor Lift features an articulating arm lift with a 20' (6m) platform height, with a working height of 26' (7.9m). The SL20 is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways without guardrails being folded or removed. Other features include dual front wheel direct drive, 750lb platform capacity, non-marking tires, and a removable controller. The lift can be operated with the platform fully elevated. UpRight, Inc., Selma, CA

Step lively Tivoli Industries Lumitred(TM) illuminated step lights are glare-free, scuff-resistant, and designed to illuminate and define step edges with a soft, glowing light. Lumitred's surface is translucent, long-wearing, and non-skid, so that a secure footing is assured, while providing necessary illumination for stairways in theaters and other public facilities. Lumitred is ADA-compliant and UL-listed; matching end caps and illuminated numerical or lettered row indicators are also available. Tivoli has designed a concealed wireway to facilitate power access, and special 7W/16V replaceable lamps have an average life of 25,000 hours. An LED version with amber, green, red, or yellow LEDs is also available. Tivoli Industries, Inc., Santa Ana, CA

A star is born Great American Market's (GAM) StarStrobe 3 is a powerful, compact strobe light unit that can be handheld. The beam can extend for 150' (45.5m) and has an estimated five million flash cycle life. According to GAM, the StarStrobe 3 is programmable, and each unit can function independently or in combination with other strobes. The StarStrobe 3 has an extremely durable UVEX cover that can be removed for the insertion of GAMColor for special lighting effects. Great American Market, Beverly Hills, CA

Safe shipping The Tri-Wall(R) Lamp Pak(TM) is a double-walled corrugated cardboard container designed for the shipping of spent fluorescent tubes from the end-user back to an authorized hazardous waste disposal company. Many fluorescent tubes are manufactured with a small amount of mercury. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that tubes which contain mercury concentrations above the regulatory limit be disposed of in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). As environmental awareness increases, more end-users will need to comply with other mercury disposal regulations issued by individual states and provinces in the USA and Canada. The Lamp Pak can hold up to 64 standard 4' (1.2m) tubes; a package for 8' (2.4m) tubes is also available. Tri-Wall has designed these cartons to be shipped flat to the end-user, thereby saving on shipping costs and storage space. Tri-Wall, A Weyerhaeuser Company, Butler, IN

Optics for all Docter Optics GmbH has introduced an off-the-shelf precision optical component line that includes many types of aspheric condenser lenses, plano-convex, bi-convex, and convex-concave lenses, first surface mirrors, and heat absorbing filters of different types of glass. In addition, custom optical components for many applications can also be manufactured. Docter Optics GmbH, Mesa, AZ, Schoffengrund, Germany

A control system for all reasons The Prescolite ATS control system offers a series of controllers and panels to meet different application requirements where single or multiple dimming requirements on different electrical circuits are necessary. Depending on the system configuration, individual control of dimming channels can be combined with facilities using movable partitions such as conference centers, banquet areas, and hotels. The ATS series has faceplate designs that are flush-mounted with encapsulated control switches with LEDs for system status, and are available in white, black, or brushed aluminum. Prescolite, San Leandro, CA

Soft and sleek Bruck Lighting has designed the Shou (meaning "long life") cable system lighting system with new, specially designed fixtures that feature curves and smooth, flowing shapes. According to Bruck, "the unity of handcrafted wood, aluminum, and opaque cased glass creates soft ambient illumination" to complement contemporary and classic interior designs. Bruck Lighting, Tustin, CA

Light, bright, and happy Verilux(R), a 40-year-old fluorescent tube manufacturer specializing in full-spectrum lighting for architectural applications, has developed the Happylite, a sunlight simulator that is often used by individuals afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), commonly known as the winter blues. The Happylite is a self-contained, 18"x12"x4" (46x30x10cm) enclosure that uses special compact fluorescent tubes producing 10,000lux of flicker-free light, with almost no UV radiation or electromagnetic fields. Verilux also manufactures full-spectrum fluorescent lamps in T5, T8, and T12 sizes as well as medium-base incandescent lamps in standard, globe, and reflector styles, in various wattages. Verilux, Stamford, CT

Ready, aim, light Osram Sylvania has introduced a 37W MR-16 in the Tru-Aim IR family that utilizes thermal recovery to increase efficiency, thereby saving 13W as compared to a conventional 50W MR-16. According to the manufacturer, the high efficiency of the Tru-Aim IR lamp is achieved by coating the quartz capsule with a multilayer film that transmits visible light but reflects infrared light back to the filament, thereby reducing the energy input required to bring the lamp up to its optimal temperature, increasing its operating efficiency. In addition, the Tru-Aim IR lamps have 70% less UV radiation as compared to other MR-16 lamps. The 37W Tru-Aim IR lamp is available in narrow spot (10 degrees), narrow flood (24 degrees), and flood (38 degrees) configurations, and is rated for 4,000 hours. Osram Sylvania, Danvers, Mass