Sonny Sonnenfeld, founder of the Broadway Lighting Master Classes (now in its ninth year), has announced the launch of the Architectural Lighting Master Classes (ALMC) February 21-22, 2002, at John Jay College in New York City. Sonnenfeld has been involved in the lighting industry for over five decades, and currently works as a consultant for ETC. He will serve as producer for the ALMC, with Paul Gregory, principal designer of New York City-based Focus Lighting, as creative consultant. Gregory will lead a faculty of distinguished architectural lighting designers, including Jonathan Speirs of the UK-based Speirs and Major, who will speak during this two-day event. Lighting Dimensions, with the launch of Lighting Dimensions on Architecture, will serve as official media sponsor of the AMLC.

“This event is designed to train architects and lighting designers in the creative use of light to enhance their projects, and to help them in a very competitive world,” says Gregory, who encourages architects to think about proper lighting early on in a project for it to be its most effective. “Architects have to make a statement with their work,” he explains. “Lighting is a very effective variable that can be controlled, but this is not always an easy task. Even if the lighting consultant comes onto the job at a later date, the architect should be thinking about effectively lighting the building from the start of any project. They must think about leaving space for lighting positions, from ceiling slots to coves around the perimeter of a room.”

For more information concerning the launch of the Architectural Lighting Master Classes, contact Sonny Sonnenfeld at 212-769-2751.