Adapting to the Light

Neutrik has expanded its line of adapters for the lighting industry with models designed specifically for three — pin AMX analog and five — pin DMX digital lighting applications. These new adapters interface with existing equipment without the need for additional cables or accessories. The new three — /five — pin adapters will come unwired to allow customers to wire them to their exact specifications. The three — pin AMX and five — pin DMX can run together in pro lighting applications. The entire line of Neutrik adapters are made using the die-cast shells of the “X” series connectors and the standard three — pin versions are available in either wired or non-wired versions.
Neutrik USA, Lakewood, NJ
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Twice as Nice

Soundcraft's Series TWO is a compact live sound console aimed at small touring sound companies, theatres, churches, and other fixed installations. Available in 24, 32, and 40 mono channel frame sizes with two fully featured stereo line inputs on each model, the Series TWO is built into a new frame offering classic three-tier raked styling for high visibility of control settings. An integral meterbridge provides input and output metering on LED bargraphs. The console's wide-range input stage offers switchable 48V phantom power and phase reverse. A variable-frequency high-pass filter with separate in/out switch is available on each channel, as is Soundcraft's classic four — band EQ with two sweepable mids and EQ in/out switch.
Soundcraft, Nashville, TN
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Sensory Overload

Innova-Son is now shipping the Sensory Compact Live, a console designed for medium applications that is half the size of its larger siblings, the Essential, Grand, and Digital. The new console features 32 mic/line inputs and eight line-only inputs feeding 32 patchable input channels, each with a digitally controlled preamp, a low-cut filter, a gate/expander, a compressor/limiter, four bands of fully parametric equalization, and a four — digit label display. Twelve busses mix down to three masters, configurable in L/R-mono, LCR, or user-defined arrangements. Comprehensive monitoring resources provide PLF, AFL, and APL listening at any point in the signal path. The Sensory Compact Live has been designed to grow as needs or budgets increase. A stage-box option expands the input section by 64 physical inputs with digital transmission on lightweight coaxial cable. With Innova-Son's “Hyper-link” technology, users can merge the busses of two Sensory Compact Lives together, generating twice the inputs, busses, outputs, and processing power.
Innova-Son, distributed in the US by Sennheiser, Old Lyme, CT
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Duraline of Duty

Duraline has introduced a line of electrical multipin connector systems. These fully waterproof systems feature a unique reverse taper seal design, which isolates each contact and creates a watertight seal, allowing mated connectors to be submerged in up to 3' of water. Heavy-duty contacts ensure reliable connections, and for increased safety, the ground contact is designed to mate first and break last. Multipin connector systems are corrosion- and dust-proof and are not harmed by destructive elements such as moisture, corrosives, oils, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluid, or extreme heat or cold. Duraline's connectors are molded in solid Hypalon rubber with no voids or air gaps and permanently bonded to heavy-duty cable. The Multi-Pin Connector Systems are built to customer requirements and are available with up to 20 contacts, from 1A to 1,200A, and from 12V to 5,000V. Connectors may be custom built to fit individual customer needs.
Duraline, Islip, NY
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Eons Ahead

The EONSUB G2 from JBL Professional is a companion to the newly introduced EON10 G2 powered speaker. This subwoofer is consistent in appearance with other EON G2 models. With 250W of low-end power and a frequency range of 40 to 200Hz, EONSUB G2 is also designed for any other sound system needing additional low end. JBL's patented Neodymium Differential Drive® woofer generates maximum efficiency with minimum weight and Thermomaster® cooling system allows the power amplifier and 15" woofer to stay cool without the use of fans or heatsinks. The SUB's cabinet was specifically designed to allow stacking of the EON10 G2 using receptacles built into the top of the SUB.
JBL Professional, Northridge, CA
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A Whole New Autopilot

The Autopilot II from Wybron is a 3D tracking system that turns moving lights into automated followspots capable of tracking performers in real time. This newest version is essentially a “plug and play” unit designed for ease of use; setup is virtually automated and viewable in three dimensions on your laptop. Web-based enhancements give users the power to use, adjust, monitor, even diagnose the system performance remotely from a computer. In addition, Autopilot II has expanded memory capacity that allows users to control up to 75 moving lights.
Wybron, Colorado Springs, CO
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Meter Reader

The CLM200 from Biddle Instruments and distributed by Jensen Tools is a handheld unit that measures the length of telecommunications, data communications, RF, small signal, and power cables on drums, on cut lengths, or in installed sections. This ergonomically designed meter measures up to 6,000' and will detect and give distance to fault for opens and shorts. The CLM200 is preprogrammed with the characteristics of 26 different standard cables; cable impedance and velocity factor are also user-selectable. The meter comes with male and female BNC connectors and an alligator clip adapter for stranded cables.
Jensen Tools, Phoenix, AZ
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A Reflective Moment

The Reflective Delta No Tangle from DBI/SALA is a full body harness that integrates the patented Delta No-Tangle style with the Class I High Visibility requirements of the ANSI/ISEA 107-1999. The reflective material enhances the visibility of the worker to others on the jobsite. The No-Tangle design holds its form, preventing twisted and tangled straps. The ergonomic design also enhances comfort and mobility. As with all No Tangle harnesses, the reflective models are available in a variety of styles, with various D-ring positions, leg strap, and buckle options.
DBI/SALA, Red Wing, MN
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