I have some anniversary issues of my own. I've been in the industry over 10 years now, and in light of that, I think someone in marketing forgot the 10 in our 20-30-40 anniversary logo (for anyone who isn't up to speed from the last few issues, that's 20 years of LDI, 30 years of Lighting Dimensions, and 40 years of Entertainment Design/TCI/Theatre Crafts International).

Since Theatre Crafts was launched 40 years ago, a lot has changed, and you can read all about it in this issue. We hear from some of the most recognized names in design and production, those you have come to view as the best, the award-winning, your heroes (or at least you haven't escaped seeing a show or venue they've designed). This issue not only pays homage to our past, but it's really about what's here and now and, more importantly, what's coming.

We've pulled out all stops to get the best of the best in this issue, so you can hear what they think about it all. Some surprises — maybe not any different from what you're already thinking — but good to know you might be on the same page as someone like Willie Williams or Don Holder, right? While many of the comments in this issue may sound familiar — convergence, LEDs, video, green issues — as Bob Bonniol points out, after many years of discussion, it seems as if convergence is actually happening now.

We've also included many of the fantastic reader responses (you'll see them sprinkled throughout the entire issue — look for the boxes accompanied by the special anniversary logo), some with memories of the past, some with opinions on the future, and we sincerely appreciate each and every one of you who have shared your thoughts and stories. It's you, our readers, whom we really have to thank for this celebration. You guys keep us here every month, churning out the stories, writing the news, taking the photos, meeting the deadlines (oh, those deadlines).

In short, here's to you, readers of Live Design, attendees of LDI. Here's to another (10) 20-30-40 from all of us to all of you. Thanks for keeping it the fun ride it is.