Ciao, Bambino

ALLscape's SL-36 Baby Belero fixture provides a contemporary, PAR-20 scale design and is characterized by its tapered visor. An integral knuckle provides 135° vertical and 360° horizontal adjustability. Its compact dimensions and corrosion-free construction make this fixture ideal for unobtrusive use in most landscape environments. The Baby Belero can be mounted at ground level; other mounting options, including remote ballast and up/down wall mount, are available. There is a choice of 50W PAR-20 incandescent or 35W PAR-20 metal-halide lamps. The fixtures are constructed of durable corrosion-free Ryton™ composite material, with matte black finish. The fixtures are UL- and CUL-listed for wet-location use and meet IP-65 standards.
Architectural Landscape Lighting Inc.

My blue heaven
ALLscape's SL-50 Ciello fixture provides a contemporary, small-scale aesthetic. An integral knuckle provides 75° vertical adjustment in up/down wall- and spike-mount and 165° vertical adjustability with curved or straight pole-mounting options. A long-life 50W MR-16 halogen lamp provides illumination. The fixtures are constructed of die-cast aluminum with matte black or bronze baked enamel finish. A die-cast aluminum lens ring secures a tempered glass lens to the housing and a high-temperature silicone gasket creates an impenetrable seal for use in harsh or wet environments. The fixtures are UL- and CUL-listed for wet-location use and meet IP-55 standards.
Architectural Landscape Lighting Inc.

Why be direct
Bega, who pioneered indirect illumination luminaires, is now introducing the second generation, this time with a fixed indirect reflector. The new 8208MH luminaire has an indirect asymmetrical distribution and features the reflector component fixed at 30º. The reflective surface is a spherically domed oval which gathers more light from the concealed optical system. The light source is a 150W G12 T6 ceramic metal-halide. Compatible-designed poles are available for mounting heights of 16-20'.
Bega US

It's a Vision thing
Cooper Lighting introduces the McGraw-Edison Vision VFS flood luminaire. Developed to satisfy the need for performance in a variety of applications, the VFS series offers five segmented optical modules: narrow flood, medium flood, wide flood, horizontal spot, and vertical flood. Offering a vast array of both optically and architecturally specific options and accessories, unmatched flexibility in application is the benchmark of the Vision Series. All optical configurations are modular with standard quick disconnect for easy removal where change-outs may be required, offering flexibility for applications including architectural facades, signage, monuments, flag poles, and building perimeters. UL-listed and CSA-certified.
Cooper Lighting

I can see clearer now
Two new high-output variants of EGL's CL Designer line of white neon tubing boost brightness and visibility 35-60% beyond that of conventional white neon traditionally employed for channel letter applications. The CL 71 and 83 are cool shades of white measuring 7100K and 8300K. Developed primarily for channel letter illumination, the tubing reportedly improves the visibility range of the signage by 500' to 1,000' depending on tubing diameter and length and the translucence of the plastic facia. Additionally, the high-output whites can decrease material and fabrication costs by eliminating the need to boost brightness by means of reflective linings.
The EGL Company, Inc.

Designer lights
Flos adds new fixtures by two leading designers, Super Archimoon by Philippe Starck and the Luxmaster Series by Jasper Morrison. With the new Super Archimoon floor lamp (above), Starck reinterprets the bend and flex form of the classic architect's lamp. The three-jointed body of the lamp is painted aluminum. The shade is fabric over an opal glass diffuser.

Jasper Morrison's Luxmaster Series spare design consists of a minimal, brushed stainless steel stem wrapped with a spiral cord. The adjustable diffuser has a semi-transparent polycarbonate head and an optical aluminum reflector. Luxmaster will be available as two different ceiling lamps and a wall lamp.
Flos USA

Get the LED out
Gilway Technical Lamp is introducing a new line of low-cost, bright white LEDs that are a suitable replacement for subminiature incandescent lamps in a wide variety of applications. The LEDs feature a clear lens with 6700K correlated color temperature and offer the long life and energy efficiency characteristics of LEDs. Available off-the-shelf in standard T-1, T-1 3/4, and SMT packages and several luminous intensities. Requiring <80mW @ 3 to 4V typical, the LEDs provide from 200 MCD to 5600 MCD luminous intensity at 20 mA, depending upon version. These solid-state devices are used for general illumination, backlighting, as indicators, and light sources. Custom configurations are offered.
Gilway Technical Lamp

Nessen Lighting introduces a series of wall sconces including the new Burlington model. The sconces provide a soft, diffused ambient area and accent light. The sconce combines wrought iron faceplate, which closely frames the horizontal, rectangular glass shades. Illumination is provided by a 100W incandescent lamp and may be specified with a 13W quad tube fluorescent lamp. The sconce only protrudes 4" from the wall surface, to meet ADA requirements and are UL- and CUL-listed.
Nessen Lighting

Lamp lighter
Quality Lighting introduces the Design ZAV-24, a decorative post-top-mounted luminaire. It emits a combination of down and ambient area lighting for a range of outdoor commercial and institutional environments. The luminaires are characterized by an upright cylindrical lamp head with a broad canopy affixed to the midpoint of the fixture. The design aesthetic is reminiscent of traditional European outdoor lanterns. The luminaire is illuminated by high-pressure sodium or metal-halide lamps, in a range of wattages. The luminaire housing and canopy are constructed of durable die-cast aluminum. Standard finish color is black; bronze, white, silver, gray, and custom colors are available upon request.
Quality Lighting

Flying in wedge formation
Quality Lighting introduces the Design OLV-8 and OLV-12 die-cast aluminum wall washers. The luminaires are characterized by a wedge-shaped housing that arcs outward at a right angle from the wall surface to which it's mounted. Luminaire may be utilized for wall washing, indirect lighting, accent lighting, or area lighting. Two sizes available provide a wide range of lighting levels with a variety of distributions. UL-listed suitable for wet locations in either uplight or downlight position. Light sources include linear fluorescent, quartz, metal-halide, or high-pressure sodium lamps, in a range of wattages. Standard finish color is black; bronze, white, silver, gray, and custom colors are available upon request.
Quality Lighting

Good green fluorescents
SLI Lighting introduces the Terra-Lux lamp series, environmentally friendly lamps that are designed to pass the EPA's Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Process (TCLP) for mercury, ensuring that the lamps will be treated as non-hazardous waste. The series includes tubular T8 and T12 lamps ranging from 25W to 60W with average rated life spans of 20,000 to 24,000 hours. All T8 lamps utilize an exclusive screening process to control the amount of mercury and cathode guard to reduce end blackening and assures a longer life for the lamps.
SLI Lighting Corporation
Mullins, SC

Preaching to the Chorus
Waldmann introduces the Chorus Uplighter Series in its Twin-Component office lighting system. Helping solve office and computer-area lighting problems and assisting companies in finding lighting solutions that will enhance employee productivity and well-being are the goals of Twin-C products. Lighting should adapt to individual worker requirements, and adapt to unique workstation requirements. All models are designed to work in conjunction with Waldmann's full line of adjustable office task lights for the desktop. Together, they form a completely interactive lighting system.
Waldmann Lighting

Up to the task
Waldmann introduces the Roma E adjustable task light. The fixture features an electronic ballast which eliminates flickering and ignites lamps quickly. This ballast reduces energy consumption. The Roma's fully articulated arm comes in three styles: single, twin vertical, and twin horizontal. A specially designed parabolic louver spreads light evenly over work surfaces and virtually eliminates glare from most VDTs. The Roma offers a unique look for your office environment. A swivel joint designed into the base of the head offers precise ergonomic rotation and positioning. Light intensity shifts (transient adaptation) between a VDT and work surface is minimized by providing even light distribution.
Waldmann Lighting