An annual event since the Stratford Festival's second season in 1954, the Tyrone Guthrie Awards were presented on Saturday evening in the Paul D. Fleck Marquee in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Company members, theatre staff, and alumni received more than $63,000 in cash awards.

Named for the Festival's first artistic director, the awards were created by members of the first acting company to provide financial assistance for training, development, and special projects. They are funded each year by the proceeds from two designated performances, plus income from endowed awards.

The Guthrie Awards allow recipients to pursue a variety of projects. This year, awards were given to support professional development opportunities in movement, music, dance, vocal work and technical areas such as painting and sculpting. In 50 years, the Guthrie Awards have given more than $1.6 million to more than 1,800 individuals.

In addition to the awards given from the general fund, named awards are administered by the committee and were given to the following recipients who work in the design departments:

  • Tom Patterson Award (for designer in training): Sean Mulcahy

  • Renato La Selva Award (for member of the wardrobe department): Margot Lamb

  • Brian Jackson Award (for theatre design study): Lucas Commerford

  • Dama Lumley Bell Award (for training or to recognize achievement in production crafts): Heather Ruthig

In addition to these named awards, the committee also granted funds for projects submitted by wardrobers Karin Ariss, Denise Bauman, Susan E. Dick, Karen Hancock, Annette Lenze, Sherri Neeb, Georgina Schinkel, and Laura Snowden; boots and shoes specialist Fran├žois Rollin; and lighting designer Michael Walton.

Wardrobe mistress Ina Brogan also received one of many unsolicited awards that go to company and staff members.