PRG supplied the lighting rig for Lucky Guy on Broadway, with lighting designed by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer. Attendees at the 2013 Broadway Lighting Master Classes will see Lucky Guy, with post-show Q&A, as well as two panels about the design.

1 PRG Virtuoso VX console, software version to be specified by programmer, with backup

2.5 96 x 2.4KW ETC sensor touring rack

78 ETC Source Four 15°‐30° Zoom 750W

8 ETC Source Four 05° 750W

15 ETC Source Four 10° 750W

4 ETC Source Four 14° 750W

36 ETC Source Four 19° 750W

40 ETC Source Four 26° 750W

22 ETC Source Four 36° 750W

4 ETC Source Four 50° 750W

4 PAR 64 NSP 1kW

23 PAR 64 MFL 1kW

8 Ianiro Fresnel 2kw with barndoors

10 L&E 6'x3Ckt Ministrip 75W EYF with “side‐by‐side” type pipe hanger

16 Philips Vari-Lite VL ARC 1000 with shutter assembly

59 Wybron Coloram II 7.5" Color Scrollers

1 MDG Atmosphere with outboard fans as necessary

1 Look Solutions Power Tiny fogger

City Theatrical WDS DMX:

1 City Theatrical WDS transmitter

24 City Theatrical WDS receiver

24 City Theatrical WDS dimmers