The Technologies for Worship seminars draw to a close today, completing three full days of training including sessions on using color in church lighting, detailing talkback protocols in current lighting standards, LED, church versus theatre lighting, and much more.

One of the seminars offered as part of the Technologies for Worship training program featured a panel discussion including lighting designers from several prominent churches here in the US. The theory behind pulling together the panel was to inspire and encourage attendees to try new things and to experiment with different ideas. Panelists were to discuss projects they have been involved with, imparting tips and tricks as examples that attendees can take away from the session and put to use at their own facility.

“Once again, there is a diverse cross section of denominations represented here,” explains Shelagh Rogers, founder and president of TFWM and the Technologies for Worship Pavilion and Conferences. “We’ve tried to include something for everyone at this conference, and we’re excited about the feedback we’ve been getting. Our goal is to make sure attendees of the workshops and seminars we’re offering get to take the knowledge back to their house of worship and use it immediately. The overall reaction is that the Technologies for Worship Conference program includes application-oriented training not only for house of worship technicians, but also pastors, worship leaders, and volunteers.”

“The needs of the worship market are unique,” continues Rogers, “and our highly-qualified seminar leaders are very aware of that fact. For example, lighting a church is not always the same as lighting a professional theatre. Many houses of worship have different styles of architecture to contend with, not to mention often having volunteers on hand as opposed to paid staff. Our seminars explore a variety of solutions in a variety of venues, from the small strip mall setting to the large auditorium-style spaces being built today. We carry this awareness over into all our seminars.”

Sponsors for the Technologies for Worship Pavilion® include: A. C. Lighting, Ashly, Audio Ethics, Aviom, d&b audiotechnic, EIKI, Elation, JVC, Listen Technologies, Microboards, Midas, Perdue Acoustics, Renewed Vision, Seachanger, Shining Technologies, Stage Line, Stewart Filmscreen, and Yamaha Commercial Audio.

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