An exciting addition to the schedule this year, LDI’s first annual portfolio review in lighting and projection is open to all undergraduate student designers who are looking for graduate schools or jobs and graduate students or recent grads who are looking for jobs can have their portfolios reviewed by professional designers at LDI on Sunday October 26, 2008 from 1pm-3pm, in meeting room 223 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Every student and young designer who registers will get a free VIP floor pass for the show. Brackley Frayer, lighting designer and chair of the theatre department at UNLV, is coordinating the event and urges all students and young designers to attend.

“Over the years I have seen a large number of portfolios, some very good, some really poor and a good number in the middle,” says Frayer. “The portfolio is the first impression that an employer/school sees on a potential candidate so it is very important to have a good one. How the portfolio flows from one page to another in an artistic manner represents who you are as an artist. Logical and artistic decisions need to be made on your part to show your best possible work.”

Frayer emphasizes the importance spending time to create a good portfolio: “First and foremost, the portfolio must be neat and organized, presented in a professional manner, and must in a style appropriate for the discipline. A portfolio is an investment and you need to spend some time and money on it for it to be successful. Purchase the correct binder; make sure all the pictures are of good quality and size. One thing from the outset—never apologize for anything in your portfolio. You should only include things that you are proud of. I don’t know how many times I have heard ‘Well I am sorry but my pictures did not come out’ or ‘that picture is a little fuzzy, the show looked a lot better.’ You are showing off your personality with your portfolio, so be proud of it.

Graduate schools are looking for students who can think and develop creative ideas from the written word. Concepts and research material are important for that. When applying for a job, producers are looking for someone who can produce beautiful designs, so visuals are important. Designers looking for assistants are looking for people who can be organized and can draft really well,” Frayer adds.

Designers, industry professionals, and professors who have agreed to participate in reviewing portfolios include:

* John Barnett, operations production manager, Zumanity/Cirque du Soleil

* Mike Mattox, operations production manager, Mystere/Cirque du Soleil

* Dean Moye operations production manager, Believe /Cirque du Soleil

* Steve Woods: Southern Methodist University
* Brackley Frayer: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

* Christien Methot, design one corporation

* Herrick Goldman and Susan Nicholson, HG Lighting Design

* Bob Bonniol, Mode Studios

* Jim Gage, University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory

* Tom Munn, UC Davis

* Scott Parker, University of Nebraska
* Seth Jackson, Visonering

For additional information and registration, please email Brackley Frayer at