ETC’s new Unison Paradigm architectural lighting control system aims to make theatre house and foyer lighting control greener. Paradigm’s library of lighting products with touchscreen control helps create dynamic effects, while networking technol­ogy allows devices from different manufacturers to interoperate over the same control system. Energy management tools capitalize on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings. In addition to Paradigm, SmartLink is a solution for smaller venue control.

The SmartLink TimeClock brings time-of-day control to ETC Unison, Sen­sor, and SmartPack dimming, enabling the auto­matic activation using realtime or astronomical events. A new version of SmartSoft is also available. Originally only for the SmartFade ML console, the new version covers SmartFade 1248, 2496 and 1296 consoles and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems. SmartSoft allows users to con­nect their PC or Mac to an ETC SmartFade light­ing console via USB and gain live displays of show data, as well as direct data-editing tools. It works as an offline editor and allows users to save show files directly to the hard disk.