ProTester 19 MOBAL (Make Or Break And Load) from Global Design Solutions/TMB is a compact and portable 19-pin combined Socapex® extension lead and fault tester for portable or bench use that performs a continuity check of extension cable in less than two seconds, as well as load check, identifying 110V or 240V lamps, moving lights, or open circuits. Various cables and equipment can be checked with a single tester. The unit is fully automated, with no buttons or programming, and automatically senses which test is required, displaying the results instantaneously on an OLED display in symbols, making it usable in any language. It is fully protected against accidental mains power, is IP67-rated, and RoHS- and WEE-compliant. Using rechargeable lithium ion technology, battery life is rated at three weeks in standby mode and at two days of constant use when in operation.