Wybron, Inc. has announced that it will be giving away RDM (Remote Device Management) responder source code with a royalty free license at LDI 2007. The license is available to any recognized manufacturer of professional lighting equipment who wishes to add the RDM protocol onto their devices. The software will be available at LDI 2007 in Wybron’s booth (#813) in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from November 16-18, 2007.

“Since we launched our InfoTrace System last year, our customers tell us they really want all of their professional lighting devices to communicate and give maintenance and troubleshooting feedback,” says Larry Turner CEO of Wybron. “By giving away the RDM source code, we hope to support the professional lighting industry’s universal adoption of the RDM standard.”

Miles Dudgeon, marketing director at Wybron, adds, “We think RDM is especially important because it gives users the ability to secure vital information from individual devices, making it easier to maintain and troubleshoot the entire installation.” We are excited that our customers in the architecture, church, cruise ship, and theatre spaces are adopting the RDM standard.”

Implementing the royalty-free source code will enable a lighting fixture to respond to all base level RDM commands received from the RDM controller over the DMX network. All rig setup, unit testing, and troubleshooting can be done from the controller.