Wybron, Inc. is launching the Net-IT PS600 at LDI 2007 next week in Orlando, Florida. The Net-IT PS600 is a 600-watt 24V power supply for Wybron products and other popular lighting accessories. The Net-IT PS600 receives DMX via DMX over Ethernet protocols and also acts as an Infotrace Gateway, providing all the benefits of RDM to the devices powered from it.

The Net-IT PS600 has two standard DMX outputs, making it a network node as well. It also features an LCD Display of user settings, the IP address and the protocol used. Wybron will demonstrate the Net-IT PS600 at LDI 2007 using Artnet.

“One advantage of the Net-IT PS600 solution is that it supports common DMX over Ethernet protocols,” says Miles Dudgeon, marketing director at Wybron. “We have designed it to support ACN when fully implemented and are actively working to support other DMX over Ethernet protocols.”

For those who currently utilize DMX over Ethernet, the unit will receive DMX and act as a node retransmitting one universe of DMX over the four pin outlets. The Net-IT PS 600 offers two universes of DMX output, one the same as the four pin outputs, and the other selectable by the user. Working with the Net-IT PS600, the Net-IT Gateway will receive RDM from any lighting fixture over the DMX cable and translate the RDM to Wybron’s InfoTrace protocol, allowing for all the RDM messages and settings to be changed on an RDM controller. The Net-IT PS600 will be available in ACN, NET2, NET3, Artnet, and Pathport protocols.

Firmware for both protocols is upgradeable by the user. As Wybron adds new capabilities, users will be able to download firmware and upgrade their units in the field via Wybron’s InfoTrace software. Wybron is demonstrating the Net-IT PS600 along with the Net-IT Gateway at LDI 2007 in the company’s booth #813 in the Orange County Convention Center between Friday, November 16 and Sunday, November 18.