The Display Media Division of Toshiba Transport Engineering, Inc. and BlueWater Technologies Group have announced a joint agreement by which BlueWater will use Toshiba’s TECHNORAINBOW TR2006E and new TR2006R 6mm high performance full-color indoor LED systems for rental applications during the 2005 New York, Chicago and Los Angeles Auto Shows. The announcement coincides with the Entertainment Technology Show -- LDI 2004.

Based on the agreement, BlueWater is purchasing 48 of Toshiba’s TechnoRainbow TR2006R 6mm LED displays for rental use by designers and exhibitors making the Auto Show circuit. The displays will primarily be utilized to show data and video images of the newest domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks, SUVs and concept cars, as well as numerous auto accessories, competition vehicles, and antique and collector cars. Top Auto Show exhibitors such as Volkswagon will incorporate the TECHNORAINBOW LEDs in a ground supported single image design.

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