The Display Media Division of Toshiba Transport Engineering, Inc. (Booth #102) has announced a product line expansion for the North American and European markets, which includes three new LED screens and the company’s first all-digital LED video processor. The new products are being shown for the first time at the Entertainment Technology show–LDI 2004, the nation’s only trade show and conference with a clear focus on entertainment design.

Built using the same core technology as the existing TECHNORAINBOW line, the TR2006R 6mm indoor surface mount display (SMD), newly designed TR2010ES 10mm indoor/outdoor SMD module, and TRV2025GC 25mm outdoor display all join the series.

The TR2006R 6mm SMD is an indoor modular LED screen that can be built on a convex, concave or combination curve along the horizontal axis for extreme flexibility and maximum impact indoors. The screen can also be built flat without a curve. The compact 16-inch modules are among the smallest in their class. The TR2006R LED display operates at a wide range of input voltages (100-240V). The screens also offer a low 1.5 total system frame delay (with new TRLC1050 digital processor), making them well suited for live show applications.

The TR2010ES 10mm SMD offers the addition of an extreme 170-degree viewing angle for high traffic environments or locations with extremely large audiences. It also features a short color blending distance for added clarity.

The TRV2025GC 25mm high-resolution Technovirtual LED is for outdoor applications where larger screens are required, such as mobile trucks, outdoor concerts, and fixed installations like stadiums and billboards. It offers a 12.5MM visual resolution via a new proprietary, all-digital virtual processing technology.

The TRLC1050 is Toshiba’s first video signal processor with an all-digital signal path. Compatible with all TechnoRainbow LED displays, the processor includes both Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and High Definition SDI as standard equipment. The low 1.0 frame delay with a digital input makes it ideal for on-camera applications. The front panel display allows users to access the controls directly from processor without the need for additional equipment.

Toshiba is also offering a complete line of new fixed installation products, which will be available in early 2005.

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