On the LDI show floor today, Elation Professional presented its annual Education Experience Competition Award—given to young designers who focus on the houses of worship market—to Thomas Pendergrass of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Pendergrass was selected because of his dedication and talent in the field of lighting design.

As a winner, Pendergrass was treated to a trip to LDI, as well as a private tour of the Elation booth and dinner with Elation executives.

“The E3 is a contest we initiated to encourage young LDs and lighting students to take a closer look at the opportunities that await them in the houses of worship market,” says Eric Loader, director or marketing. “During the past four years, we’ve been heartedly encouraged by the quality, creativity, and passion for lighting that we’ve encountered in the young lighting enthusiasts we’ve met through E3. Thomas Pendergrass is no exception. He is living proof that the future of our industry in indeed in good hands.”