Selecon (Booth #3129) is showing the new Pacific 45-75 Ellipsoidal Zoomspot, the HUI Range, and the Pacific Dowser.

The latest addition to Selecon's range of ellipsoidals, the 45-75 Pacific Zoom allows angles from 45° to 75° for area illumination or pattern projection. From a throw of 13', it delivers a beam adjustable from 11' to 20' in diameter, allowing full body shots from close in side-stage positions or for texturing a complete set using only a few fixtures. The Pacific 45-75 lens tube can be used with any Pacific light source, including mains voltage tungsten halogen (575W, 750W, 1000W), 575W MSR, and 70/150W CDM.

Also new is the The HUI Range, which replaces Selecon’s Acclaim Cyc, Flood, and Groundrow range. When fitted with the 500W lamp, it is suitable for cycs up to approximately 15 ft. high. The use of the 750W or 1000W lamp allows for high intensity color saturated cycs, smaller studios, and to light higher cycs where fixture hanging height is limited. The range features automatic power disconnect of the mains supply (phase and neutral), a futher developed heat exhaust/control system, and the ability to relamp without breaking focus.

A new model Pacific Dowser for 575W MSR and other arc lamps, providing the dimming control of a mains tungsten lamp, is also being shown.

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