Chauvet introduced 12 new products at LDI, including new additions to the COLORado™, COLORdash™, and Q-Series™ ranges of products, as well as the WELL™ (Wireless Event LED Luminaire).

WELL units are available individually or in a six-slot road case that can charge all the units. Inside each wash light are 12 3W tri-color LEDS. It’s powered by a 12V battery for up to 12 hours of life and fits inside a piece of truss. Control is via DMX, and the unit also carries a Wireless Solution WDMX receiver. Focusing is accomplished two different ways; the split LED plane can be precisely angled using the adjustment screws on the outside of the fixture, or for more dramatic adjustments, a ratcheting foot can be extend to tip the fixture several degrees without compromising stability.

New in the COLORado range, the COLORado 1 IP is for outdoor events and installations, using 42 RGBW LEDs. The COLORado 1-Tri IP uses 14 tri-color LEDs and is appropriate for frontlight applications. The COLORado Range IP has 180 5W RGBWA LEDs and two independently adjustable heads for cycs, entire stages, or a building façade. The COLORado Ridge IP, also for outdoor productions, features a single panel with 90 5W RGBWA LEDs. The COLORado Batten 144 Tour is a 1m-long unit that also offers RGBWA color mixing, with 144 1W RGBWA LEDs. With 10° and 30° optics, it can wash a cyclorama up to 10m. The unit can be broken down into different LED blocks, and its feet double as hanging brackets.

In the COLORdash range, the COLORdash Par-Tri uses seven 3W combined tri-color LEDs for solid-color output that nearly eliminates multicolored shadows. It comes with a set of barn doors and is suitable for truss warming applications. The COLORdash Batten-Tri features eight high-powered, tri-colored LEDs and is suitable for uplighting surfaces or as an effect light. Its pixel mode allows control over each of the LEDs. The COLORdash Accent UV can be used as a blacklight effect and also to complement any RGB or RGBW light source where a little more of the spectrum is needed for better color rendering. COLORdash Accent VW is a variable white ­fixture that can create shades of white from 2,700K up to 7,000K with smooth, flicker-free operation. It is suitable anywhere white fill light is required.

In the Q-Series, Chauvet introduced the Q-Beam 260-LED, which outputs a 6° super-bright beam and features an eight-position color wheel, a seven-position interchangeable rotating gobo wheel, and a three-facet prism.

Also check out information on the new COLORado™ 1 VW Tour, previewed before LDI.