Production Resource Group, LLC, (PRG) showed the world its new v6.0 software upgrade for the Virtuoso lighting control console at LDI 2007, in Orlando, November 16 -18. Also on display were the ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 console; the Series 400 Power and Data Distribution System; and a new Modular Deck Track from PRG Scenic Technologies, and the Mbox Extreme2 media server.

“This year, the booth was arranged like a traditional demo room with a number of counters for one-on-one demos right in the booth. There was also space available for clients to sit with a product specialist and see an extensive demo,” says Anne Johnston, vice president of marketing. “In addition to Virtuoso, PRG showed the new ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 console, which PRG is now distributing. The consoles were tied into the new Mbox Extreme2 media server, and networking all of this together was the Series 400 Power and Data Distribution System. In addition, PRG Scenic Technologies introduced its new Modular Deck Track.”

The v6.0 software upgrade for the Virtuoso has a number of enhancements but two features are of particular note. The first is a wave-based effects engine that was added to the existing Virtuoso effects engine. The second feature is multiple cue lists. Virtuoso had in the past operated on a single cue list but with the this upgrade it now supports 1,000 cue lists while still retaining the ability to use the master cue list.
Taking advantage of the new features in the Virtuoso upgrade is the Mbox Extreme2 media server, which has received both hardware and software upgrades. New features in this media server include dual outputs—independent or panoramic; pixel mapping for direct control of DMX LED fixtures; cross-fading 3D objects and media on the same layer; tiling and edge blending across multiple servers; SDI, HD-SDI output; multiple live camera inputs; and a hardware dimmer module that controls the stage output.

PRG is now a distributor for the MagicQ MQ100 console from UK-based ChamSys, Ltd. The MagicQ features include 18 DMX universes; 202 playbacks that can be accessed through faders, buttons, and the touch screen; electronic labeling; LED and video effects generator; large show storage; and backup to standard USB memory sticks allowing easy transfer to and from the PC show editor.

The Series 400 Power and Data Distribution System, an integrated system that combines 120V or 208V power with an Ethernet network in the same cable, offering distribution in the safest and most efficient manner ever. The S400 system distributes power and control signals for the purpose of operating automated luminaires or other remote non-dim devices up to 500’ away. Unlike other power distribution racks, the S400 system features built-in control signal distribution. The rack accepts 10/100Mb/sec Ethernet, DMX, DMX over Ethernet, and RDM, and has the ability to handle all protocols simultaneously.

PRG Scenic Technologies’ Modular Deck Track, which is easily assembled in 2’x8’ sections, coffin locks seamlessly with PRG Scenic Technologies’ rental decks and eliminates the need for custom built show decks. As part of a total rental solution, the Modular Deck Track can be configured with the PRG rental deck and winches, which can be rigged beneath the deck or at the end of the track, and can be rigged at any point with multiple return sheave mounting plates incorporated into each section. The process of rigging and cable management is made user-friendly by load bearing CNC routed lids. The Modular Deck System is perfect for integrating any moving scenery into your show, such as tracking LED walls. PRG Scenic Technologies’ track mounted “turtles” can rotate a vehicle or scenic effect while providing commutated power, another dimension of the Modular Deck Track system that will bring the technical sophistication of industry leading automated effects to your live event.