Ocean Optics announced new stage-lighting accessories for its SeaChanger Color Engine, a dichroic color changer for ETC Source FourĀ® ellipsoidals.

SeaChanger Color Engine installs easily into Source Fours and provides smooth, quiet color transitions across a wide color spectrum, as well as white-to-full saturation color in one second.

The new accessories include SeaChanger-EY 16.5" yoke extension, to increase light source orientation options; a dimmer wheel to replace the standard "Extreme Green" filter in the four-filter color engine, for 0-99% dimming control; and the SEA-HTPC high-temperature power cord. Also available are spare C, Y, M, and xG Extreme Green filter wheels.

SeaChanger also offers optical-sensing components to measure the color of any filter, reflective surface, or light source; to calculate CIE coordinates; and to provide DMX settings to duplicate the experience.

In related news, Ocean Optics has made distribution agreements with stage lighting and production suppliers in the US (in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West Coast) and Europe to offer the SeaChanger Color Engine to stage, church, TV, film, and club productions worldwide. Distributors signed include Barbizon, California Stage & Lighting, Chicago Spotlight, Circuit Lighting, Stage Equipment & Lighting, Vadar Production Company, and PRG Europe. For More Information: