They all look good in the magazine ads and on the trade show booths, but where can a sound professional go to actually hear large-format loudspeakers from different manufacturers? Only to ET Live (an adjunct to the ETS-LDI trade show), a unique event at which loudspeaker manufacturers set up stages with full production in an outdoor environment and take turns presenting demonstrations of their sound systems.

This year, Meyer Sound’s stage at ET Live will feature the new self-powered MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker, which attained success quickly after its June release, finding use in the summer’s tours and festivals, and being spec’ed for new installations.

Western regional sales manager Jim Sides will host Meyer Sound’s demonstrations, two a day on Friday and Saturday and one on Sunday, which will feature selected CD tracks and live Latin jazz performances from the Ivan Velasquez Band. Legendary FOH engineer and Meyer Sound touring liaison manager Buford Jones will mix from behind a DiGiCo D1 Live console, while Technical Support Representative Matt Salerno will man another D1 Live for the monitor mix.

The main arrays will consist of MICA cabinets, complemented by 700-HP cabinets on the ground and UPJ-1P compact VariO™ loudspeakers providing frontfill. An LD-3 compensating line driver will drive the system. On stage, monitors for the performers will be UM-1P narrow coverage stage monitors, with sidefill monitoring from MSL-4 horn-loaded long-throw loudspeakers and 650-P high-power subwoofers. Additional support for the Meyer Sound stage is being provided by Blackhawk Audio of Goodlettsville, TN.

Senior technical seminar instructor Mauricio “Magu” Ramírez will make a presentation on the system design and specifications, while a plasma screen at the FOH position shows real-time RMS™ remote monitoring system displays of the system’s performance so those attending can see for themselves how much headroom the system has while in operation.

The action will not be limited to the demonstrations. A hospitality tent by the side of the stage will offer a comfortable place to kick back with a cold drink and talk to Meyer Sound staff and fellow attendees.

Attendees who have heard about Meyer Sound’s recent acquisition of LCS Audio can learn more about LCS products by visiting them at booth #1801 and checking out the VRAS acoustical enhancement system, CueConsole cue management/mixing/routing system, WildTracks multitrack playback, and other products. On display will be version 4.4 of LCS’ CueStation software, featuring new Access Restriction options, the addition of audio waveforms to the WildTracks timeline, and a Track-from-Top function.

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