If you are interested in projection, get your hands on today’s most cutting-edge technology and learn from the experts! Steve Gilbard from coolux international on Pandoras Box, Nigel Sadler from Green Hippo on the Hippotizer, Matt Corke and Marian Hall from PRG on the MBox Extreme. There’s no one better to take you through the paces on media server training, the all-essential piece of the puzzle to controlling your images.

Whether you work in concerts, television, clubs, theatre, industrial events, or any other area where you want to bring video into the visual mix, the art of the media server helps solve your design challenges. Used on almost every major project, from theme parks to Cirque du Soleil’s extravaganzas to Super Bowl half-time shows and rock tours, the media server is a must for today’s visual designer.

LDI2008 offers four hands-on media server training sessions as part of the LDInstitute, where you will be working in small groups with no more than two people per work station. There is no better way to learn the ins and outs of media server technology. The courses include:

Pandoras Box by coolux international;
Hippotizer by Green Hippo (beginner);
Hippotizer by Green Hippo (advanced);
MBox Extreme by PRG.

Lighting designers, lighting programmers, and media content providers interested in using state-of-the-art technology to integrate video into production design should register quickly as space is limited. Take advantage of the September 19 deadline to save $100 on each course. Details about each course and online registration information is available at www.ldishow.com