Mach Speakers will be exhibiting the C-Range of speakers for installation applications at Mach/Martin Professional A/S Booths #850 and 855.

The Mach CI series, including the CI4, CI6, and CI8, expands the C-Range with the launch of a professional series of molded speakers designed for in-fill applications. The CI series features an innovative mounting solution for easy installation. Optimized for medium to high SPL, the series is well suited to commercial applications such as cafés, clubs, department stores, conference rooms, hotels, or spaces that require high fidelity in-fill sound. A flexible hanging system requires minimum customization.

The CW 112 Corner and CW 110 Flat are 12” dual voice coil subwoofers developed to complement the CI series of top boxes. The CW 112 cabinet is optimized for corner placements, while the CW 110 fits into a variety of spaces.

The Mach CN series, including the CN7, CN8, and CN 12, has been specifically developed for natural sound reproduction in near field applications. The series features a spider mount system with 18 flying points – four of which are fully adjustable – and recessed Speakon and barrier strip terminals. It also features easy access to all serviceable parts. Combining hi-fi properties with intermediate SPL levels, acoustical performance has been optimized with specific emphasis on elevated power levels, clarity, and speech intelligibility. The series has been specifically designed for small to medium size venues and is also suitable for in-fill in seating areas. The series can either operate as stand-alone or together with a subwoofer.

The Mach CM series, including the CM7, CM 9, CM 12, CM 15, and CM 18, is a line of dedicated top boxes for medium throw applications specifically developed with very high SPL and controlled dispersion. The CM 9, 12, 15, and 18 feature a rotatable horn for optimum dispersion. As with the CN Series, these also feature recessed Speakon and barrier strip terminals. The series has been specifically designed for medium to large size venues.

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