MA Lighting (Booth #2605) is exhibiting its Network Signal Processor (NSP), which can be used as a DMX-Ethernet node with ArtNet network protocol (up to 4,096 parameters) or as a "DMX dongle" for the grandMA offline editor (grandMA onPC). It adds reliability to the Windows-based grandMA offline, ensuring more stability to this combination. The NSP does all the calculation and processing of the parameters.

The NSP is also part of the grandMA parameter expansion, using the MA-Net protocol. Up to 16 NSPs can be integrated on one network allowing a maximum of 16,384 parameters (64 DMX universes). Each processes an equal portion of all parameters for the master console and outputs up to four DMX universes at the same time.

Using the MA-Net protocol, the NSP ensures the synchronous, undelayed signal output.

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