MA Lighting (Booth #2605) will be showcasing grandMA video, a new media server application for all grandMA consoles. It enables the control, animation, and access of video, special textures, graphics, and 3D objects in real time. Media objects can be seen directly in the preset of the grandMA console, and they can be controlled on any parameter from the console.

For use with grandMA consoles, the software can run on an off-the-shelf PC. It is fully integrated in the MA network protocol, enabling bi-directional data transfer between the console and the PC, as both are using the same pool of data.

grandMA video can be used as “digital fixture” or “media player” for small projections of logos or for multi-layered projections in broadcast quality (PAL) or XGA resolution (1.024x768 pixel). Six layers can be used in parallel and real-time control, and any type of 3D objects can be textured with animated projections.

With an extensive media library of hundreds of video sequences, video loops, seamless textures, 3D objects, and graphics, as well as more than 1000 licensed, high-resolution gobo designs. Of course, the ability to import video and static files in common formats is possible.

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