Road Cases, the organization established to chronicle on-the-road exploits through the eyes of backstage and sometimes onstage touring personnel, has joined with TV documentary experts, Incue Productions to shoot their first film in Las Vegas at the Entertainment Technology Show (ETS) on October 24, 2004.

Incue, a Los Angeles-based production company specializing in HBO First Looks, behind the scene 'making of' specials, promos and documentaries will be taking HD cameras into the seminar rooms at the Sands Convention Center.

"Filming guest panelists in a 'talk show' setting is just one segment of the concept," says Paul Dexter who founded Road Cases along with partner Larry McNeny. "We have invited a diverse group of road guys with a tremendous amount of experience and personality that range from serious and sophisticated to cynical and witty."

Road Cases will be directed by Ted Nicolaou and guests will be Willie Fyffe (Deep Purple, DIO’s Personal) and Jeff Pilson (Bass Player for Dokken and Steel Dragon, the fictitious band in the movie Rock Star), among other surprise visitors. Dexter will host the show between 11:30am and 1:00pm in a setting they are referring to as the "Stage Lounge." He predicts that the unscripted exchanges could be anywhere from historical to outrageous. "A lot of true stories that were previously heard only in the backs of tour buses are getting the chance to be documented on film with potential to air on cable TV," Dexter says.

On Friday and Saturday (22 and 23rd), The "Stage Lounge" will open its doors to all former and present touring attendees to film one on one interviews with intent to gather winning road stories. When asked why, McNeny said, "There are thousands of people out there that have toured and each one of them has at least two or three stories that they’ve told a several times over the years and they are really good at it. We want to capture that on film because very few out there ever wrote their experiences down." has garnered industry support from sponsors Brown United, TMB, and Syncrolite as well as the producers and organizers of ETS.