Leprecon®, LLC (Booth #437) has released Version 4 Software for the LP-X series consoles. New in Version 4 is a revised Moving Light Programmer screen that has dramatically improved access to programming data such as labels, effects, timing, and attributes.

Pan and tilt control can now be adjusted not only with the encoders but with the on-board trackball, an external mouse, or the X Y pad on the touch screen. Also enhanced is the Run screen for both the playback and stack sections, enhancements include moving light scene information, playback and scene titling, and Scene Preview. Other upgrades include fixture label import, added softpatching functionality, and an on screen keypad for data entry.

Version 4 Software is available to all LP-X users as a free download from their website (www.leprecon.com) and is also shipping with every LP-X24 or LP-X48.