As part of LDI’s first annual Rigging & Electrical Boot Camp in the LDInstitute, Tomcat USA presents “Safely Building The Beast,” a new 1.5-day class on Wednesday and Thursday, October 20-21—that carries 12 ETCP renewal credits.

The course is taught by Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging along with Keith Bohn* and Will Todd** of Tomcat, who discuss the course, which includes sections on truss inspection, fall arrest protection, and outdoor structure design:

1) What areas of expertise will you be discussing at LDI...

We are discussing proper use of aluminum truss systems and outdoor structures. People that use these systems need to be knowledgeable about these areas because these systems are usually position overhead. Therefore, failure of these types of systems may be life safety issues.

2) What are the issues that rigging and staging people still need to address in terms of safety for the industry?

People using these structures need to understand the limitations and applications of these structures more clearly. There is still too much reliance in the industry on historical trade practices rather than a clear understanding of equipment capabilities and limitations.

3) Who (industry segments/target audience) will benefit from this session and why?

Anyone who uses truss, works with truss, builds outdoor structures, or is in a supervisory role for rigging. And, that is an abbreviated list. We will be talking about indeterminate structures, dynamic impact factors, wind forces, etc. Many people have no idea about the definition of these concepts let alone the basic application to complete a safe structure.

*Keith Bohn has been with Tomcat USA, Inc. for over 14 years. As custom projects director, he oversees aspects of custom projects including budgeting, scheduling, design, manufacturing methods and installation procedures. He also represents Tomcat within ESTA, the Entertainment Standards and Technical Association, and serves as a principal member of the Rigging Working Group, and chairperson of Stage Roof task group.

**Will Todd has been with Tomcat USA, Inc. for over 10 years. As product support manager, he oversees new product development, product support, hoist support, in-house project management and CAD operators in the USA and Mexico. He also represents TOMCAT within ESTA, the Entertainment Standards and Technical Association, serves as a member of the Rigging Working Group, and sits on the Use of Personnel Fall Protection on Portable Structures used in the Entertainment Industry task group.

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