Alex Mair, controls specialist for Jands Pty Ltd, will be teaching two hands-on programming courses on the Jands Vista in the LDInstitute: AC Lighting/Jands Factory Certified Training/ Jands Vista Intro level, and AC Lighting/Jands Factory Certified Training/ Jands Vista Advanced level at LDI2020. Mair discusses the console and the courses in this brief Q&A with Live Design:

1) Please talk a little about the console... projects it has been involved in lately; what markets is it aimed at; updates in the software recently, what makes the Vista so innovative…

The Jands Vista T2 was the control console used for an Infocomm/LSA Staged Event Award winner earlier this year. The event was the American Library Association’s Annual Conference which was designed by Anne Sedlock of Freeman AV in Chicago and programmed by Dabney Forest.

Additionally David Harding is currently touring worldwide with “Crowded House” using an S1.

The console has proven to be popular in the church and corporate AV market due to its operational simplicity but still remains capable of running large rock shows. Its graphical design allows usually-complex programming to be achieved quickly and easily.

The Vista 2 “Byron” software is the result of extensive study of user feedback, and includes countless refinements to all Vista’s best elements, and introduces a host of new features and making it faster and easier to work.

2) Tell us a little about yourself: your background and your role as controls specialist for Jands...

I have been with Jands since 2001, and have worked with the Vista team for most of that time. In my role I work closely with the software developers on the design and functionality of the system, and spend a lot of time talking to end-users about what they need out of the product.

3) How will you be teaching the courses at LDI.... what kinds of hand-on exercises will be included.. what will attendees learn by the end of the day?

Attendees in the LDI courses will be among the first to use the new Vista 2 “Byron” software. Day 1 will cover everything you need to know to get started using Vista, as we step through the process of building a lightshow from start to finish. On the second day, we will go into a greater level of detail on certain features and introduce trainees to some more advanced functions, such as advanced media server controls, creating and editing fixture libraries, advanced timeline functions and many more. Both sessions will cover differences between Vista V1.13 and Byron, and so are equally beneficial for existing Vista users and new users alike. The training will be very hands-on, with plenty of exercises, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Register today for the Jands Vista courses and all pro-training options at LDI2010 and make an investment in your future.