FluidFrame™ Technology, a signal processing algorithm, is designed to address a challenging and highly complex topic in frame rate conversion common to media servers, live video processing units, as well as signal processing in general. Included in Pandoras Box version 4.7, it offers a smooth cross-conversion that can take any input and output frame rate, supporting both interlaced and progressive sources and clips. This way, for example, 59.94 video input signals are displayed without any frame drop on 60Hz output displays. The technology can, therefore, also handle 50Hz to 60Hz realtime conversions. In addition, it allows smooth playback of high-speed frame rates such as 50p or 60p content and higher, and it can be applied to any live video input or content playback scenario, from straightforward live video processing to the synchronization of multiple HD SDI streams for live stereo 3D applications.

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