Live Design: What is Galaxia Electronics’ specialty?

Daniel Murphy: We specialize in both entertainment and architectural lighting, but tout our creative LED displays used for concerts, TV studios, large scale events, and theatres. Our patented Winvision product was the industry’s first see-through LED display. The product’s high resolution and transparent design offers visual depth, while at the same time being lightweight, easy to install, and flexible enough to form into any design and fit almost any structure. Architecturally, we offer a full line of LED lighting fixtures that boost structural distinctiveness and provide a unique advertising impact.

LD: What are your main markets?

DM: We primarily serve the rental and staging, permanent installation, and architainment markets. Very soon we'll launch an array of white LED fixtures and venture into the general illumination market.

LD: Tell us about a project you’ve recently done.

DM: This year, Galaxia Electronics made a deal to exclusively supply Winvision 875 to VER (Video Equipment Rentals). The Winvision 875 outdoor/indoor LED tiles were used for the 2009 Super Bowl Halftime show featuring Bruce Springsteen and for various major 2009 tours such as Beyonce, Keith Urban, No Doubt, and Rascal Flatts. The Winvision 875 is also currently being used as the primary hi-res screen for America's Got Talent.

Our permanent install team has created the enormous Phoenix for the “Dream of Laciun” at Samsung’s Everland Park in Korea, which is covered with over 28,000 pixels using our flexible A-Deco RGB system. We also provided our A-Deco product to the new studio for CBS’ Entertainment Tonight and Insider shows.

LD: Who should see your products at LDI?

DM: We plan to see LED lighting and display rental companies, theatre and stage production designers, lighting designers, systems integrators, and LED lighting distributors.

LD: What will you have new at LDI?

DM: The Winvision 9375, our latest and greatest modular LED display system. It’s incredibly transparent, extremely lightweight, and a snap to set and strike. One of the key components of this product is the optional edge pivot technology that allows designers to experiment with the shape and curvature of the LED screen. We have also included a removable rear blackout panel for those seeking higher contrast in-lieu of transparency. The Winvision 9375 is another industry first, and we can’t wait for the LDI attendees to see it in person.

LD: What is something you want people to know about your company they might not already know?

DM: Galaxia Electronics core members were the primary participants in building “Viva Vision” in Downtown Las Vegas, the world’s largest LED multimedia display. Galaxia was awarded the official maintenance agreement in 2007, further solidifying their role in the creation of the technology behind the “Viva Vision” display. We also produced Korea’s first full color LED screen and the world’s first cabinet based see-through display. In short, our engineering team has been at the forefront of LED display innovation for many years.

Galaxia headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea, with two satellite offices located in the US. For additional information, visit