GE Lighting (Booth #2217) will be exhibiting several new lamps for a wide variety of applications, including moving lights applications, architectural environments, retail, film, TV, and still photography.

Four new, double-ended CSR metal halide lamps for moving lights applications are now available: GE CSR400/S/DE, GE CSR575/S/DE, GE CSR700/S/DE and GE CSR/1200/S/DE. Each features chromised seals that withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius.

GE also offers the Showbiz CSR18000/SE/HR lamp and the CSR800/SE/HR lamp. Applications for the new products are in film production settings where maximum light output and color stability are critically important. Designed for use in PAR fixtures, the CSR18000/SE/HR single-ended, hot-restrike lamp is the industry’s first 18,000W single-ended lamp

Only available from GE and Mole-Richardson, the new HX5000 120V, 5,000W halogen lamp features an axial filament arrangement that provides better optical control in PAR fixtures compared to the traditional 5kW DPY lamp. Its width vs. depth ratio of 2:1 and special filament geometry aid optical control smooth the beam pattern and increase peak-beam intensity. Fully dimmable with a color temperature of 3200 degrees Kelvin, this lamp allows for universal burn positions. Also from GE and Mole-Richardson is the twin-filament HX1500/750, a 120V studio spotlight for use with 3200-Kelvin-rated film stock. Its can operate at 2,250, 1,500 or 750W through simple switching and provides a constant color temperature over its three lighting levels.

The new CMH150/PAR56 lamp is for architectural and retail lighting applications. It offers three beam spreads (narrow spot, medium flood, and wide flood) and two color temperatures (3000 degrees Kelvin and 4200 degrees Kelvin). Also for architectural and retail merchandising use is the GE CMH150/SA lamp, a 150W product with a G12 base for use in ellipsoidal fixtures. Its color temperature is 4200 degrees Kelvin and its Ra is higher than 90.

GE is also offering four new Cinema Plus High Lumen Biax® lamps for professionals working in film, TV, and still photography. Two of the new film-friendly lamps provide the most light output (80W) available in a high lumen cinema fluorescent lamp.

Also new is the industry’s first T8 High Output Cinema Linear Fluorescent Lamp System. The SHOWBIZ® T8 is designed to fit in a Mole-Richardson, Co., fixture and is meant to replace T12 cinematography linear fluorescent lamps.

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