ETC’s show Booth #3300 is a replica of an American theatre in the golden age of the craft. It recalls the palatial art-deco theatres of the 1930’s – like the grand Paramount in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or the singular masterpiece of Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The booth is practical, as well. ETC’s theme this tradeshow season, “Quiet Power,” is reinforced by quiet new technologies – Sensor®+ SineWave dimming (debuting product) and the Source Four® Revolution™ automated fixture.

The booth was constructed through the old-fashioned labor of set painting and prop building. Designed in-house by CEO Fred Foster and scenic artist Sue McElhaney, who pored over theatre books and old photos to capture the iconic essence of an art-deco theatre, the booth was forged and assembled in ETC’s own metal shop and handpainted by a crew of ETC employees in Middleton, WI (including McElhaney, Foster, Bill “Flash” Florac, Laura Hoepker, Patti Tuttrup, Virginia M. Chabrier, Jeff Kelsow, and Tory Sommerfeldt).

From its layered geometric designs to its gilded arches and traditional marquee, the ETC booth is fashioned out of simple metal mesh, particle board, and stage paint. The lighting design for the booth was done by ETC’s own Ben Sanford. This booth is also the American counterpart to the booth ETC had at PLASA in September, which recalled the stage at the London Royal Opera, Covent Garden.

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