At the upcoming LDI 2007 in Orlando, Florida, November 16 - 18, ESTA is sponsoring the Control Protocols Interoperability Pavilion at booth #1239, adjacent to the ESTA lounge.

The Interoperability Pavilion will provide a hands-on demonstration of RDM products in a multi-manufacturer environment—not prototypes designed to draft versions of the documents, but real examples demonstrating how these standards can work. Examples of ACN capabilities and details of the OpenACN projects will also be available.

Representatives of the task groups and companies that have forged these standards will be on hand to answer questions. For manufacturers whose product is, or nearly is, “RDM Ready,” the pavilion will offer an opportunity to interconnect and learn.

Consultants and specifiers should stop by booth #1239. The Architecture for Control Networks protocol suite (E1.17 ACN) and Remote Device Management (E1.20 RDM) are now published American National Standards. These products of ESTA's Technical Standards Program will help shape the future interoperability of entertainment lighting products and applications.