At Booth #2012, Elektralite is launching my575 and also showing my250 (Moving Yoke with 250 lamp source), my150 (Moving Yoke 150 lamp source), mm150 (Moving Mirror 150 lamp source), and the Elektrik Eye (moving yoke fixture with a very wide angle beam).

The new my575 uses a 575 lamp source. The moving yoke fixture is capable of 630º pan and 265º tilt. The fixture's features include: two rotating gobo wheels of six gobos each and multiple color wheels; iris, rotating multi-facet prism; dimmer and strobe on separate channels; built-in engines for iris, prism, colors and movement.

With the ability to download programs from the control for use later, the fixture is well suited to industrial presentations as there is no need to keep a controller onsite. Its 120V operation that uses just 4.5 Amps current.

Elektralite is also showing the my150. This fixture features the Osram HTI 150 lamp and is able to pan 360 degrees and tilt 265 degrees with great speed.

The color wheel incorporates 10 colors and bi-colors with rainbow effect, 7 rotating indexable gobos, dimmer, and strobe. The digital address and display allows a variety of functions to be conveniently accessed, for easy operation of lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, as well as lamp and fixture hours. It can also be set to run independently, without the presence of a lighting board. Cues may be downloaded into the my150’s onboard reprogrammable processor for flawless replay. This offers a solution for industrial settings and events that do not necessarily require accompanying controllers, cabling, or an operator. It can also be placed in a master/slave configuration or be controlled via a sound input.

my150 comes with mounting hardware including safety cable and a 50' DMX cable. The fixture’s small "footprint" is helpful in situations where an unobtrusive moving fixture is specified.

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