Doug Fleenor Design will be showing a variety of products at Booth #1821:

DMX512 to iPlayer 2
The DMX to iPlayer 2 interface (model DMX2IPLAY) allows DMX512 control of the iPlayer2 and Light System Engine controllers, both of which are products of Color Kinetics, Inc. The interface uses DMX512 data to set controller parameters via the controller's RS-232 input. The interface uses three (or optionally five) consecutive DMX512 channels to select trigger mode, show number, and intensity. Shows may also be triggered manually using the interface's three digit thumb wheel switch.

Remote Addressing Device
The Remote Addressing Device (model RAD) is used to set the DMX address of compatible products. A new enhancement to DMX512, called RDM (for Remote Device Management), allows users to receive status information and set parameters (such as the DMX address) of compliant products using the DMX link. Designed to draft version 2.0 of the RDM specification, RAD will be upgraded to comply with the released standard at no charge.

CK300 Power Supply
The CK300 power supply is intended to power Color Kinetics LED fixtures in portable applications. The supply has six 4 pin XLR outputs to power up to six Color Kinetics Color Blast 12 (or equivalent) fixtures. Polarity of the 4 pin connectors is factory configurable to either pin 4 hot (standard) or pin 1 hot (reversed). Pins 2 and 3 are field configurable to either 24V single ended data (newer CK fixtures) or 5V differential data (older CK fixtures and many DMX controlled accessories). The "Down-Shifter" feature (when enabled) allows every fixture's address to be set to 001; the power supply then routes the proper DMX data to each of the six outputs. A stand-alone mode (no console required) features many built in effects.

The DMX96OC is designed to drive solenoids and relays for fountains or special effects, and is ideal for many other on/off loads. The product decodes 96 consecutive DMX512 channels to drive open-collector NPN outputs. Each of the outputs is capable of sinking up to 100mA (or more based on duty cycle). The DMX512 input is optically isolated from the outputs and is protected against miswiring up to 120V.

DMX Coffee Pot, Mark II
The DMX Coffee Pot, first introduced at LDI '97, is available for purchase. Previously only available by lease, Doug Fleenor Design follows the lead of many moving light companies by allowing their leading edge technology to be purchased outright. The Mark II DMX Coffee Pot features internal termination (there is no feed through), and remote address setting (there is no DMX address switch). Remote address setting is accomplished via RDM making this the first (and only) RDM Coffee Pot as well.

High Density Distribution Block for Color Kinetics Fixtures
The High Density Distribution Block for Color Kinetics Fixtures simplifies large installations of 24V LED fixtures. The Block distributes power and data for up to 24 fixtures. Twenty-four volt DC power is provided to the Block from an appropriately sized, customer supplied, power supply via 1/4" studs. Data is applied on a 3 position terminal strip. Power and Color Kinetics single ended data is distributed to each fixture on twenty-four 3 position terminal strips. The Block is provided with eight mounting points which are typically used to screw the Block to a plywood "equipment board" or to mount the Block in a junction box.

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