Daktronics, Inc. (Nasdaq - DAKT) will launch its all-new ProTour LED modular video system at Booth #111.

The modular displays, currently available in 6, 8 and 10 mm pixel pitches for indoor applications and 10, 12, 15 and 20 mm pixel pitches for outdoors, is suited for touring events, sporting events, conventions, and expositions, as well as events where a display would be moved regularly.

The panel weighs less than 25lbs. (11kg) and includes quick-release fasteners and handles. Redundant panel-to-panel signal optimizes system reliability, and display diagnostics provide active monitoring of display operation and troubleshooting support. Featuring the latest advancements in 3-in-1 surface-mount device (SMD) LEDs, the system boasts 4.3 trillion color capability.

Complimenting the modular display is the V-Tour* event controller. Designed specifically for the modular market, the controller features a design studio that creates a virtual display and offers setup tools for the ProTour.

The V-LinkĀ® video processor completes the system by accepting live production feeds and enhancing signals to ensure clear image reproduction. The processor handles custom aspect ratios, supports a wide variety of formats, and features True Pixel processing.

For additional information, visit www.daktronics.com.